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The calculators have been programmed in such a way that they are able to calculate sin, cos and tan without the side lengths.

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five halves

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five halfhs

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Q: How do calculators calculate Sin Cos and Tan without side lengths?
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How do calculators calculate Sin Cos and Tan of an angle without side lengths?

The relationship between an angle and the triangle formed by it is always constant. This is also why sin cos and tan obtained from the unit circle can be applied to all triangles with the same angle. All that matters is the ratio of the sides, so the calculator can "pick" any length for one side, and use that and the angle to find the other side(s). This answer will be the same regardless of which triangle you are specifically referring to. Side lengths 3 and 5 will produce the same trig values as sides 21 and 35. Also, given the processing power of most calculators, these values are often programmed in, similar to how many students are "programmed" to know the trig values for major angles such as pi, pi/4, 30deg, and 60deg.

Why do you not usually multiply the side lengths of a parallelogram to calculate its area?

To find area you need base and height of a parallelogram. A = BH Not all the side lengths given would be base or height. Side lengths are perfect to find perimeter but don't rely on the side lengths for area.

what- Triangle rigidity means that a triangle cannot be deformed without changing its?

side lengths

How do you find the lengths of the side of a kite?

You can measure them with a ruler. If you want to calculate them, you need to clarify, based on what information.

How to calculate the sides of a triangle given the degree of an angle and one side?

The measure of only one angle and one side is not sufficient to calculate the lengths of the sides of a triangle. If you have one more angle or one more side you can use the sine rule.

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle if only 2 side are given for grade6?

You can't. To calculate another side length you need an angle. you need either two angles and a side length, or two side lengths and an angle to solve for other angles or side lengths. No matter what the case, you need three pieces of information i do not understnd it

What can you say about the ratios of to side lengths?

The answer wil depend on side lengths of what shape!The answer wil depend on side lengths of what shape!The answer wil depend on side lengths of what shape!The answer wil depend on side lengths of what shape!

What is the measure of each interior angle of a irregular hexagon?

This cannot be answered without any given side lengths, since the interior angles of an irregular hexagon are different. Only the angles of a regular hexagon can be found without side lengths, and that is 120 degrees per angle.

How do you classify a triangle with 3 given side lengths?

That depends on what the side lengths are. Until the side lengths are known, the triangle can only be classified as a triangle.

How do you find the length of sides of trapezium?

Which side lengths? To calculate the parallel sides, you need the height of the trapezium and one of the sides, and you substitute them into the formula: h(a + b)/2, where h = height, a and b are the parallel side lengths. If you want to find the sides that are not parallel, you need the parallel sides, as well as the height of the trapezium. Then, by using Pythagoras theorem, with the side length the hypotenuse, you can find their lengths.

what- A triangle has side lengths 0.87 m and 0.23 m.What is the range of possible side lengths for the third side, x?


What the perimeter of a pentagon?

You would not be able to find the perimeter of a pentagon without knowing the lengths of the sides. The perimeter is just all the side lengths added together, you should have 5 values to add.

Are angles measured by their side lengths?

No. Angles don't have anything called a side length. However, one can use trigonometry to compute the angles of a triangle based on the side lengths of the triangle (triangles do have side lengths).

How do the side lengths original figure compared to the side lengths of the image?

They are the same for pairs of corresponding sides.

What is the missing side length of the triangle Round your answer to the nearest tenth. if the two other side lengths are 7 and 3 what are the missing side lengths?

3 hight

What is the area of an irregular triangle shape?

It depends on what information you have. There are formulae for when you have the lengths of all three sides or two sides and the angle between them. If you have only one side and two angles (implicitly all three) you can calculate the lengths of the other sides.

What is the semi-perimeter of a triangle with side lengths 11 61 and 60?

Semi-perimeter means half the perimeter. Calculate the perimeter, then divide that by 2 to get the semi-perimeter.

You can build two triangles that have the same side lengths but are not congruent?

False, having the same side lengths would make them congruent.

What is the surface area of a cube with side lengths 7 8 and 2?

A cube cannot have different side lengths.

You can build two triangles that have the same side lengths but are not congruent.?

No, triangles with the same side lengths are always congruent.

How to get the area of a right triangle given only 1side?

Not possible without at least one other angle. If you have the length of one side, a ninety degree angle, and one other angle - you can work out the third angle and the lengths of the missing two sides. once you have all three side measurements, it's a simple task to calculate the area.

If two parallelograms are similar what do you know about the ratios of the two side lengths within one parallelograms and the ratios of the correspondingside lengths in the other parallelogram?

If and when two parallelograms are similar, you know that the ratio of two side lengths within one parallelogram will describe the relationship between the corresponding side lengths in a similar parallelogram. If and when two parallelograms are similar, you know that the ratio of corresponding side lengths in the other parallelogram will give you the scale factor that relates each side length in one parallelogram to the corresponding side length in a similar parallelogram.

What is the area of a regular hexagon with side lengths of 8 cm?

The area of a regular hexagon with side lengths of 8cm is about 166.3cm2

Can a regular polygon have equal side lengths but not have equal angles?

No, for a polygon to be regular it must have equal side lengths and angles.

What are the side lengths of a triangle with an area of 6?

If its a right angle triangle then its side lengths could be 3, 4 and 5