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Semi-perimeter means half the perimeter. Calculate the perimeter, then divide that by 2 to get the semi-perimeter.

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Q: What is the semi-perimeter of a triangle with side lengths 11 61 and 60?
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What type of triangle has the side lengths of 11 15 and 25?

A scalene triangle

Can you have a triangle with side lengths of 11 13 and 15?


Is it possible to build a triangle with side lengths of 5 7 and 11?

yes it is possible.

Which set of side lengths can form a triangle?

11, 4, 8

Can a triangle have side lengths 46 and 11?

No because the sum of the its 2 smaller sides must be greater than its longest side.

Do the side lengths 15 11 and 2 x square root of 26 form a right triangle?


Can the sides of a triangle have lengths 10 11 and 4?

Yes and it will be a scalene triangle

What type of triangle is one with the lengths 5 7and 11?

It is a scalene triangle

Is it possible to construct a triangle with side lengths of 11 cm 15 cm and 21 cm?

Yes, because 11 + 15 > 21, 11 + 21 > 15, and 15 + 21 > 11

Can 5 11 4 be the sides of a triangle?

No it is not possible because the sum of the lengths of the two sides has to be greater than the length of the third side. 5 + 4 = 9 which is less than 11, so we can't form a triangle with these sides.

Could a triangle has lengths of 4 9 11?

Yes that is possible. To check, you add the two shorter sides, and they should be longer than the longest side.

Can 9 4 and 11 be triangle?

9, 4, and 11 are three dimensionless numbers. Yes, they can represent the lengths of the sides of a triangle. You can take three straight sticks, cut them to lengths of 9, 4, and 11 inches, then lay them down on a table so that the ends hook up and they form a triangle.