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discrete data can only be whole numbers whereas continuous can be fractions decimals don't necessary have to be counting numbers as we know them. 1,2,3...

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Q: How do discrete and continuous data relate to quantitative data?
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Two classifications of quantitative data?

Discrete and continuous.

Is nationality a discrete or continuous variable?

Neither, since it is "qualitative data", not "quantitative". Only quantitative data can be discrete or continuous. (Unless your assigning a numerical "value" to each nationality type, in which case it would be quantitative discrete). Answer 2: If considering the percentage, eg 100% Irish, 50% Irish, etc., then it is theoretically a continuous variable, assuming an infinite number of generations. However, in terms of currently existing and past living people, for any nationality, it is a discrete variable.

Are weight of motorcycles discrete data or continuous data?

The weight of the motorcycles is discrete and not the continuous data.

Does Scatter analysis use discrete data?

No. It uses continuous data. * * * * * Not true. It can use either discrete or continuous data.

Non continuous data?

Non-continuous data is called discrete data.

What is non-continuous data?

Non-continuous data is called discrete data.

What is a continuous and discrete data set?

time to learn a song for 4 hours, is this discrete or continuous data set?

Is price discrete or continuous?

continuous because discrete data involve a count of items

Continuous and discrete data?

Yeah, what about them

What is the name given to quantitative data that can be expressed exactly?

The answer may be discrete data.

Can Quantitative data be further classified as continuous or nonsequential?


Is shoe size continuous data?

No, it is discrete.