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The top and bottom are 30 square feet each.

The left and right sides are 45 square feet each.

The front and back are 1.5 square feet each.

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Q: How do find the square feet for a size of 30 foot long 1 foot wide and 1.5 feet deep?
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Where can I find a symbol for square foot or square feet?

Square feet and square foot can be expressed as: ft2

How do you convert 4000 square foot to cubic foot?

To convert square feet you multiply by the height. Example 1 - if you are trying to find the cubic feet in a home that has 8 foot tall rooms it would be 4,000 square feet X 8 feet = 32,000 cubic feet Example 2 - if you are trying to find the cubic feet in a flower bed 6 inches deep it would be 4,000 square feet X 0.5 feet = 2,000 cubic feet

How many gallons in a square foot of water when the pool measures 16 feet by 40 feet and 6 foot deep?


How much area will 16 cubic feet cover?

That depends on how thin you spread it. If it's 16 feet deep, then it covers 1 square foot. If it's 1 foot deep, then it covers 16 square feet. If it's one inch deep, then it covers 192 square feet. It all depends on how thin you spread it.

How many gallons of water per square foot are there in a swimming pool?

Depends on how deep the pool is. Every square foot that is one foot deep has 7.5 gallons in it. So if the pool is 4 feet deep, you'll have 30 gallons for every square foot. A cubic foot actually is 7.481 gallons, or 7.48

How much dirt is in a hole one foot deep and three feet square?

All of it

How many square feet is 6 foot by 5 foot?

Because square foot is a measure of area, you would find square feet by using an area formula. Simply multiply the sides of an object, which in your case are 6 and 5 feet, to find the answer. Your object is 30 square feet total.

How many square feet is 144 cubic inches?

If the container is 1 inch deep, the area is 1 square foot.

Is a foot the same as a square foot?

No. Square feet are square.

What is the Difference between linear foot and square foot?

A linear foot is distance. A square foot is area. One square foot is the area of some square tiles used on floors. Ten square feet is 1 foot x 10 feet or 2 feet x 5 feet. Don't confuse this with a 10 foot square which is 10 feet by 10 feet which equals 100 square feet.

How many square foot are in 1462 square inches?

You divide by 144 to find the square feet. Doing the math gives an answer of 10.15 square feet.

If the shelf is six feet long and two feet deep and the box in one foot square how many boxes can fix?


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