How do lightning bolts travel?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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i have know idea

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Q: How do lightning bolts travel?
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How many miles per second does a lightning bolt travel?

If this is for the Wiseman in Dream World his answer was 20 thousand so 2_t______

What does double lightning bolts mean in prison tattoos 2 one side of his arm and 2 more on the other side of the same arm in the same location. parallel to each other?

it means that that person attacked a minority in prison or on the streets

What is the probability of getting stuck by lightning?

The chance of being struck by lightning is 576,000 to 1. The chance of being killed by lightning is 2,320,000 to 1.

If 1 percent of the bolts made by an automotive factory are defective what is the probability that in a shipment of 175 bolts there are 6 defective bolts?

If 1% of the bolts are defective, then the probability is that close to 2 bolts will be defective if there are 175 bolts. The actual probability is that 1.75 bolts will be defective, but you can not have 3/4 of a bolt. However you know there are going to be runs when you have no errors and runs when you have several error. You would need to make 300 bolts in order to have a run of 125 with no errors to have 3 defective bolts in a run of 1.75 bolts. Likewise, you would need to make a minimum of 600 bolts to have six defective bolts in 1.75 bolts. Then you would have 425 good bolts. However, you are dealing with probabilities, not with getting the machinery started the first thing in the morning. Since there is a 1% error rate, you must assume this is a random rate. It occurs like dice or a coin flip. With the last coin tossed, you have no idea what the next coin flip will be. It is not like the next coin flip will be the opposite. Using the Monte Carlo method, I got .29%. Good luck

Who is name means lightning in the bible?


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How lightning bolts travel?


How far can lightning bolts travel?

Lightning bolts can travel up to 25 miles in length. The typical range is between 6 to 10 miles, but some exceptional bolts have been documented to travel much farther.

Where do lightning bolts occur?

lightning bolts occur in the clouds.

Was Zeus' main weapon thunderbolts are lightning bolts?

it was the lightning bolts

Where does lightning occur mostly?

Lightning will show up in lightning storms. Lightning storms usually occur in summer or warm places. The bolts will travel the shortest path they can so make sure you aren't near or are the tallest object around!

What did Zeus hurl at others?

Lightning bolts, from his hands. Not only was he the king of Gods in Greek religion, but he was also the God of Storms, providing him lightning as his weapon.

How much bolts does lightning have?

5,000 bolts

Why aren't lightning bolts straight?

Lightning bolts are not straight because they are looking for the path of least resistance Lightning bolts want to find the path of least resistance so they can make it to the ground faster. Lightning bolts are zig-zag because they are finding the easiest path to the ground.

Why do lightning bolts diverge?


What weapons does Zeus have?

He has lightning bolts.

What object was the god Jupiter associated with?

Jupiter was commonly associated with his lightning bolts. His Greek equivalent was Zeus. The lightning bolts were made for him by the cyclopes.

What are the ratings and certificates for Lightning Bolts of Destruction - 2003 TV?

Lightning Bolts of Destruction - 2003 TV is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG