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Positive peer pressure is pressure to be a good person, pressure to be social, pressure to do well. This can be stuff like

  • picking up rubbish- if everyone else does it, other people will follow because they dont want to look wierd
  • going to a dance to socialise- if everone else goes, others will go to, making them becaome more social
  • If someones friends are nice to other people, it is more likely that you will be nice, whereas when your friends are mean, you might think that you have to act mean as well

Negative peer pressure

  • to sneak out of school with friends
  • talk back to teachers
  • be rude to parents and siblings

So basiclly, peer pressure is when you feel that you have to/ u r abliged to do certain things as a result of others doing the same :)

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Q: How do positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure differ?
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Is peer pressure always a negative or bad thing?

There are positive peer pressure and there are negative peer pressure. In most cases peer pressure is positive, this happens hen it leads to a positive attitude in a child.

What are the different kinds of peer pressure?

yes there are. there is positive peer pressure, and negative peer pressure. going and doing drugs is negative peer pressure, whereas going to do something fun and exciting is positive peer pressure.

What are the nature of peer pressure?

Peer pressure is either negative or positive in nature.

What are the types of pressure?

They're 5 Kinds of Peer Pressure These are it ~ Negative Peer Pressure , Positive Peer Pressure , Heavy Peer Pressure , Indirect Peer Pressure , and Friendly Peer Pressure

Do you think peer pressure is a case of pregnancy?

It Depends on the type of peer pressure; It it is negative peer pressure then yes but if it is positive peer pressure and your not under age then no.

Is peer pressure a blessing or a menace?

Peer pressure can be either. When peers are encouraging a peer in a positive direction, it is a blessing. When they pressure a peer in a negative direction it is a menace. Unfortunately, peer pressure is often a menace.

How is peer pressure causing unrest in schools?

Peer pressure are influence from member's of a peer group. When these pressure is negative it can lead to resistant, which may turn unrest in school. There are also positive peer pressure which may lead development of positive character.

What effect does peer pressure have on individuals?

it can convince them to do negative or positive things depending on the situation and how they're peer pressuring you.

What are the negative effects of peer pressure?

The negative effects of peer pressure can include early use of substances and sexual experimentation before one is emotionally ready. Negative peer pressure can also effect self-esteem in harmful ways for the person trying to fit in.

Is teasing a peer pressure?

Yes, teasing is a peer pressure it is a negative peer pressure...

When does positive peer pressure usually occur?

Positive peer positive peer pressure always leads to positive things. Such as reading and bring out the best in you.

Is all peer pressure negative?

All peer pressure is not negative, but most seems to be.