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Positive signed numbers with have a +

Positive integers will not.

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Q: How do signed numbers differ from integers?
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How do rational number differ from integers?

Rational numbers include integers, but they also include fractions.

How does the set of whole numbers differ from the set of integers?

Integers include negative numbers.

How is the set of integers differ from the set of whole numbers?

They are not different.

How does the set of natural numbers differ from the set of whole numbers?

0 and negative integers are all whole numbers but they are not natural numbers.

The LCM of two numbes is 24 the gcf is 2 the numbers differ by 2 what are the numbers?

Since the numbers differ by 2 and the GCF is 2, they are consecutive even integers. So the numbers are 6 and 8.

How are integers different from whole numbers?

Whole numbers are integers. Integers are whole numbers.

How do numbers differ bfrom integers?

They don't. An infinite number of numbers areintegers.That leaves only another infinite number of them that aren't.

Are Some real numbers integers?

All integers are real numbers, but not all real numbers are integers.

Are some whole numbers are not integers?

No. All whole numbers are integers and all integers are whole numbers.

Are the rational numbers a subset of integers?

No, integers are a subset of rational numbers.

Which of the following sets of numbers contains multiplicative inverses for all its elements Positive Integers Integers Rational Numbers Real Numbers?

Rational numbers and Real Numbers. The multiplicative inverses of integers are not integers.

Are some rational numbers are integers?

Since all integers are rational numbers (but not all rational numbers are integers), the certainly some of the rational numbers are integers. For example, 1, 2, and 3 are rational numbers. They are also integers.

Why do you need to know about integers?

What you need to know about integers is that integers is the name for the group of numbers that include whole numbers and negative numbers. But integers DO NOT include fractions.

How often are whole numbers integers?

Always. By definition the Integers are the whole numbers; and the whole numbers are the integers.

Are integers natural numbers?

All integers are whole numbers including natural numbers.

Are decimal numbers integers or rational numbers?

They can be integers, rational numbers or even approximations for irrational numbers.

Are some natural numbers are integers?

ALL natural numbers are integers.

Are any rational numbers integers?

All integers are rational numbers.

Are rational numbers integers?

No, not always, although integers are rational numbers.

How are the integers and rational numbers the same?

All integers are rational numbers.

Are all rational numbers integers-?

Rational numbers are integers and fractions

Is decimal numbers considered integers?

No, because integers are whole numbers

How are integers and national numbers the same?

There are no national numbers. Some integers are natural numbers but not all - for example, negative integers.

Can rational numbers be integers?

Not all rational numbers are integers, but all integers are rational.

Are natural numbers whole numbers and integers also rational numbers?

Natural and whole numbers are, and integers are rational.

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