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If you are asking about timing gears with a belt system, you have to line the timing marks up with the marks on the gears. If you want to know about chain gear alignment please re-ask with vehicle specifics and I can answer that also.

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Q: How do the gears line up?
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How do you line the timing gears back up?

you turn the cam gear and the crank gear with a wrench until the lines on the pulleys/gears line up.

How do you set the timing gears on a Ford 6 cylinder?

there are 2 marks on the gears you have to line them up

How do you line up the timing gears on a 400 Chevy?

the gears come with a dot punched on each, line them up together,the cam one is down to the crankshaft one and the crankshaft one is up to the cam one so that they are exactly in line with each other almost touching each other

How do you line up timing belt gears on yugo?

This is not the Yugo page, this is the Ford Escort page.

How do you line up timing gears on a 1993 Ford Mustang?

Use a spirit level (or even a ruler) and rest it on top of the timing gears. I think you know what to do next.

How do YOU line up timing belt gears on a 88 la mans 1.6 engine?

blind folded

How can you get the clock to work in wild west island on poptropica?

You line up the gears in the clock to make it work.

How do you line up timing marks on Mercedes Benz C200?

were are the time marks on the gears thank you clive

How many gears can a bike have?

an average bicycle has up to 24 gears but a bicycle has up to 30 gears

How do you time a 3.1L V6?

cam time? should have 2 cam gears connected by chain usually, should be little marks on the gears. Line the marks up to point at each other.

1990 Isuzu trooper 2.8 timing chain marks?

how do i line up timing gears on 2.8 isuzu trooper

Setting timinig pattern on timing belt on Mazda 929?

I'm looking for the same thing. Everything I read says to buy the repair manual. I can see the arrow by the crankshaft and the the dots on the cam gears. Some have said, "Line up cam gears" but what do we line them up with? On some mazdas there is a line on the backing plate . . I don't find one on the 929. With you I am still looking for an answer . . .

What are the 3 gears to make up a gear system?

The 3 gears are driver, driven, and idler gears.

What are the 2 marks on the oil pump gears for in a 22re engine?

they are called witness marks. Line them up together when assembling the pump

How do you get timing belt marks to line up 1997 passport?

there are marks or dots on each of the gears, two cam, and one crank, that need to line up with notches in the back cover. all three marks lined up with all three notches with the number one piston at tdc in the compression stroke. you can gently rotate the gears using a socket on the bolt at the center.

How do you replace the timing chain on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero 2.4?

Remove cover , which is simple if you have harmonic bal. puller. Gears on cam have dowel holes in head that line up with holes in cam gears. dot on crank gear straight up with dot on block.

Which gears to oil in poptropica wild west?

you oil all the gears inbetween the 2 silver gears. if u do it right the gears that r oiled should go in a line like this........................ silver gear / / / / / silver gear

How do you get raam for gears of war 2?

you have to beat gears of war1 on hardcore and then start gears of war2 up and then it will say you unlocked raam

How many gears does a 350 warrior have?

Six gears, one down five up.

What causes a load pop sound when you engage the clutch on a 1993 GMC K3500?

The syncros are going bad. they help the gears line up when you shift

What causes the gears in a Mercedes Benz A class 160 automatic gearbox to slip and not shift up to higher gears?

One of the most common causes of gears in a Mercedes Benz A class 160 automatic gearbox to slip and not shift up to higher gears is a bad transmission. If the transmission is failing, or not working properly, you won't get the gears to shift up.

Does it matter what stroke you are on to set top dead center?

If you are installing the Distributor, #1 cylinder must be at TDC / Top Dead Center on the COMPRESSION stroke.If you are installing Timing chain and gears everything will be correct when you line up the dots on the 2 gears.

How many gears on harley 2003 xl1200?

Five gears. 1 down, 4 up.

How many gears does a suzuki rm 85 have?

6 gears 1 down 5 up

How many turns before the black links on the timing chain line up on all the gears before they all meet again on a 4.7 2002 dodge Dakota?

You may have to turn it around hundreds of times to get the marks to all line up again.