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numbers after the decimal are in "ths" example .1 = 1 tenth .01 = 1 hundredth .001 = one thousandth and so forth


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Q: How do u write a decimal number in words?
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What are Two ways to write a decimal as a fraction?

u can write it as a mixed number or a whole number

How do you write decimal numbers as a fraction or mixed number in the simplest form?

U find the place its in and write

How do you write number 40 in words?

Forty. (Note: there is no "u" in forty.)

How do you write eight and four tenths in decimal numbers?

u write 8.4

How do you write each fraction or mixed number as a decimal 11 over 40?

you just mutiply and add and u get a decimalll

How do you write twelve twenties in decimal form?

I don't think u can do that

What is a decimal decimals?

a deci mal is when u have a number like 0 then u want it to become a lower number u can put a decimal there like 0.86and there u have it u now know how to do it hoped it worked xx

How do you know if 2 is a rational number?

first you think that is 2 a repeating decimal.... and can u reduce it if its not a repeating decimal and u cant reduce it then it is a rational number

If you are using division to write a fraction as a decimal how do you know when to stop dividing?

if you r using division to write a fraction as a decimal how do u know when to stop dividing

What is 25 hundredths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 25/100 is equal to 0.25.

When you are converting a decimal into a percentage what do you do when the answer is a decimal?

you basically just write the point what ever at the top and then u put 100 at the bottom.

How do you write twelve thousandths in decimal form?


How do you write a 3 digit number in standard?

easy u just write it how the number ie Example: number 158 standard form 158 its basically the same way u write the regular number

How do you write the word 3552308725?

How u write the underline number 5

Does the number 40 have a 'U in words?

There is no U, forty.

Can you divide 1003 by 3?

no because if you divide this number by 3 it will give u a decimal number

In standard form what does the word and mean with decimals?

it means that u write it with the decimal in the middle of the numbers

How would you write 17 percent as a decimal?

if it were 17% out of 100, it would be 0.17. To get a decimal out of a percent (only if it's out of 100) u move up the decimal place twice.

What words can you make out of abcdefghijklmnop?

u could write amalgate


0.14 = fourteen hundredths.

How do you write ten and five tenths as a decimal number?

ten and five tenths is the same thing as ten and one half its 10.5 or 10.50 it dose not matter if u add a zero

How do you rename fractions as decimals?

Usually to rename a fraction as a decimal the little fraction symbol and the decimal stand for the word "and". Or if you have a whole number in the fraction then that number would be your "and" for example 3 1/2 would be three and one half in words right... so 3.5 is your decimal I LOVE ZAYN <3

How do you convert a decimal to decimal percent?

you convert a decimal to a decimal percent by moving the decimal point 2 times. For example, 245.3 is converted to 2.453. its ok to have decimal points on your percent they might ask you " write the percent as a decimal : 245.3%" so u move the decimal place twice and your answer will be 2.453

All the words you can write in scribble nauts?

anything u can think of

How do you write eight and twenty-one hundredths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 8.21. (yes this is correct and if u need help discussing as a percent, etc.)