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How do calculate spiral length of Spiral rings

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Q: How do we calculate length of helical spring?
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Disadvantage of helical spring?

Helical spring are expansive

How do you calculate the length of helical ring of pile?

To calculate the length of helical ring of pile, use the standard formula. The formula is pi D X the number of coils. "D" is the diameter of the coils.

What is the meaning of helical?

Of or pertaining to, or in the form of, a helix; spiral; as, a helical staircase; a helical spring.

What are helical springs?

Helical springs are the typical, common, wound springs used in tension or compression. The term 'helical' comes from the spring being a helix- the wire is wound around a mandrel, advancing along the length of the mandrel as it is wound.

What is a spring scale?

a balance that measure weight by the tension on a helical spring

What is a spring scale is?

a balance that measure weight by the tension on a helical spring

How do you find length of helical stirrups for piling?

Length of helical stirrups = 3.14*d*n + p*n d= diameter n= no. Of turne ( = height/ pithh) p = pitch of helical stirrups

What is Stiffness of a helical spring?

a helical spring has N turns of coil of diameter D, and a second spring made of same material and of same wire diameter has N/2 turns of coil of diameter 2D. if stiffness of first spring is k, then stiffness of second spring is

What form is when DNA is in long strands prior to coiling?

helical spring

What type of spring is used in the shock absorber system of an automobile?


A helix refers to a proteins structure?

Protein is a chemical family name. Its shape may be helical. But a helical shape is of a spring type item shape.

What is angle of helix in helical spring?

The angle which the axis of the spring wire makes with the horizontal line is known as helix angle.

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