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(A) Add them together.(B) Subtract the smaller from the larger.

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Q: How do we get the estimated sum and difference of decimal number?
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How can an estimated sum or difference be useful?

it can help you determine whether toy made an error in calculating an exact sum or difference.

What is sum of the decimal of 16.825?

The sum of any one number is the value of that number.

How do you find the number of decimal places in a product of decimal numbers?

The number of decimal places in the product is the SUM of the decimal places in the multiplicands.

How do you estimate a range for the sum in a number with a decimal?

The range of a single number - with or without a decimal - is zero.

What is the estimated sum of 12904?

The sum of a single number is itself. So the answer is 12904 - and no estimate required.

What is distributive property of multiplication?

The distributive property of multiplication lets you simplify expressions wherein you multiply a number by a sum or difference. According to this property, the product of a sum or difference of a number is equal to the sum or difference of the products.

How do you write 43R2 as a decimal?

That depends what the divisor of the division sum is - as to what the part of the number after the decimal point would be.

What are the two number have a sum of 14 and the difference of 4?

The sum of the sum and difference gives twice the larger number 14 + 4 = 18 → the larger number is 18 ÷ 2 = 9 The difference of the sum and the difference gives twice the smaller number 14 - 4 = 10 → the smaller number is 10 ÷ 2 = 5 → The two numbers are 9 and 5.

Is the sum or difference of a rational number and an irrational number is irrational?


Write a program that will accept two numbers and find their sum anddifferences. If the sum is more than the difference, display the sum otherwisedisplay the difference. Pascal programming?

program SumAndDifference; var num1, num2, sum, difference: integer; begin write('Enter first number: '); read(num1); write('Enter second number: '); read(num2); sum := num1 + num2; difference := num1 - num2; if sum > difference then written('The sum is greater: ', sum) else written('The difference is greater: ', difference); end. This program will prompt the user to enter two numbers, calculate their sum and difference, and then compare the two values. If the sum is greater than the difference, it will display the sum; otherwise, it will display the difference.

What is the sum of 105.7?

The sum of the two numbersis 105.7 the difference of the two number is19

The difference between the sum if function and the sum ifs function is the number of?

ranges evaluated