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All fractions are rational numbers because Irrational Numbers can't be expressed as fractions

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Q: How do you Find rational numbers between fractions?
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How do you find fractions between rational numbers?

Just add them togther and divide the sum by 2

How do you insert rational numbers between two rational numbers?

Find the arithmetic average of the two rational numbers. It will be a rational number and will be between the two numbers.


They are the numbers that can be expressed as fractions such as: 2.11, 2.12, 2,13 ... etc

How do you find a rational number between two given rational numbers?

Add them together and divide by 2 will give one of the rational numbers between two given rational numbers.

Find rational numbers between 0 and -1?

There exists infinite number of rational numbers between 0 & -1.

Is the set of whole numbers is dense?

No. a set of numbers is dense if you always find another number in the set between any two numbers of the set. Since there is no whole number between 4 and 5 the wholes are not dense. The set of rational numbers (fractions) is dense. for example, we can find a nubmer between 2/3 and 3/4 by averaging them and this number (17/24) is once again a rational number. You can always find tha average of two rational numbers and the result is always a rational number, so the ratonals are dense!

Can you always find another fraction in between two fractions and why?

Yes. The set of rational numbers is infinitely dense.If p/q and r/s are any two fractions then (p/q + r/s)/2 is a fraction which is between the two.

Can you Find a rational number between .25 and .50?

Yes. Take the average of the two numbers. Since those two numbers are rational, their average will also be rational.

How do you find a rational number between two rational numbers?

Suppose the two rational numbers are x and y.Then (ax + by)/(a+b) where a and b are any positive numbers will be a number between x and y.

What fraction is between 1.2 and 1.205?

To find a fraction between any two numbers, multiply the two numbers and divide by two. This way we can find unlimited numbers / fractions between any two fractions/numbers. The other way to find fractions between any two fractions is to divide and multiply both the numbers by 100, or 1000, and make the denominators same. Then the numbers between the two numerators gives all the numbers/fractions between those two numbers. For example, to find 100 fractions between 1 and 2, multiply and divide 1 and 2 by 100. This gives 100/100 and 200/100. Now the in between fractions are 101/100, 102/100, 103/100 upto 199/100. To find more, either multiply by 1000 instead of 100 to get 999 fractions. Or use any two numbers above and repeat the same process. To find fractions between 1.2 and 1.205, multiply and divide both numbers by 10000 This gives 12000/10000, 12050/10000. So the in between fractions are 12001/10000, 12002/10000 and so on till 12049/10000. Convert them to decimal.

How many rational numbers can be put between 2 and7?

There are an infinite number of rational numbers between any two rational numbers. And 2 and 7 are rational numbers. Here's an example. Take 2 and 7 and find the number halfway between them: (2 + 7)/2 = 9/2, which is rational. Then you can take 9/2 and 2 and find a rational number halfway: 2 + 9/2 = 13/2, then divide by 2 = 13/4. No matter how close the rational numbers become, you can add them together and divide by 2, and the new number will be rational, and be in between the other 2.

Is fractions easier or decimal?

Some people find rational fractions easier, others prefer decimals fractions. For some purposes rational fractions are simpler, for others decimals are easier. So there is no simple answer.

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