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By means of: 4+4-(4/4) = 7

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Q: How do you achieve the answer 7 in mathematical terms using four 4's?
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How do you translate The quantity of four minus x divided by three into mathematical terms?

(4 - x)/3

What is the probability of a card being a heart?

One in four for any random draw. In mathematical terms 1:4.

How do you make a sentence using the word quadrant?

Mathematical X Y graphs have four quadrants.

What is the biggest number you can make using any mathematical processes using four 2's?

6.739986667E66 You would do two to the power of 222

Using any mathematical equation how do you take four 9s and equal to 100?

One way: 99 + 9/9 = 100

How do you factor x to the fourth power minus three?

its easy just maximize the four into the irregular eight that in thus giving it nine that is only in mathematical terms people

What are the four fundamental mathematical operations?

* * * *

What are four mathematical symbols?

+ - x and =

A new figure made after a transformation is called?

In mathematical terms, the figure that is made after a transformation is what is known as an image. Prior to the chance, the figure is called the pre-image. Changing into an image can take place after four types of mathematical transformations: translation, reflection, rotation and dilation.

How do you get 14 using 3 four's?

This answer contains a non mathematical part:4/4 =1; then write a four14Or... 4*4 - sqrt(4) = 14

Is multipication the only mathematical operation?

No because the four main mathematical operations are division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

How many interior angles are in a diamond?

A mathematical diamond is a quadrilateral with four sides and four angles.