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Any one of four equal parts is called a quarter.

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Q: What is any one of four equal parts called?
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Any circle that divides the earth into two equal parts is called a?


What are shapes that can be divided into 2 equal parts called?

squares, circles, triangles, any real shape that has a line of symmetry...

What are four odd numbers that equal 19?

The sum of any four odd numbers will never be equal to an odd number.

Can a square be called a rhombus and a rhombus can't be called a square?

It is true. For any geometrical object to be square, it should bave all sides equal and all four interior angles 90o each. But for rhombus all four sides are equal but not all 4 angles. Only the opposite angles are equal in rhombus. In square all four sides are equal and also the oposite angles are equal (although two opposites are equal). So the abouve expression is correct.

Four equal sides?

Four equal sides make up a square. The sides may be any size, as long as they are equal. A square is one of the most basic shapes.

What fractions are equal to four sevenths?

Any of its equivalents such as 8/14

What is a shape that has four different sides called?

any four sided figure is called quadrilateral

How do you design 4 equal parts in rhombus?

To divided a rhombus into 4 equal parts, simply divide any side into 4 equal parts. Do the same to the opposite side. Join these division marks with lines parallel to another side. You will end up with 4 thin but equal slices.

Does a rectangle have 2 pairs of equal sides?

A rectangle is defined as any shape with two pairs of equal sides and four equal angles.

How do you get the width of a square?

Measure any side, as a square has four equal sides

What parallelograms have 4 equal sides?

A rhombus or square. Although a square has to have four ninety degree angles. Rhombuses can be any shape as long as they have four equal sides.

What is used to show the relationship between two variables?

In mathematics? This is what's called a relation. For example, the relation y=4x shows that for any given x value, the value of y is four times as great. If y is equal to 8 and the relationship between y and x can be shown by the relation y is equal to four times x, x must equal 8 divided by four. Eight divided by four is 2, therefore x is equal to 2. If x is equal to 6 and the relation ship between y and x can be shown by the relation y is equal to four times x, y must equal 6 multiplied by four. Six multiplied by four is 24, therefor y is equal to 24.

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