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Identify the main problem, the cause, the people who are involved...

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Q: How do you answer 'When something goes wrong at work how do you fix it'?
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What recourse do I have for Dentists in Mexico if something goes wrong?

you can go to court, ask them to fix it, or do nothing

How do you fix a power window that goes down but not up on 95 Crown Victoria?

there is something wrong with your switch in the door you may have to change it

How can I stop worrying about something I did wrong today at school?

if you can fix the wrong fix it or talk to someone you trust about it

How do you fix the airbag alarm on a Ford Escape?

When the airbag alarm goes off, it means that something is wrong. A person can change the fuse, or go see a tech specialized in this area to fix it.

Why is it important to study the human body?

The main reason to study the human body is so that if something goes wrong, you will have some idea of how to fix it.

How do you fix a telescope?

It depends on what is wrong with the telescope. You can't fix something that isn't broken.

What Women Really Want when they say you need to work on this relationship?

your probably doing something wrong. it doesn't exactly mean your breaking up or something like that just try to figure out what your doing wrong and fix it. :)

What are the challenges of reuse?

the risk of the thing you are reusing will be worn out or something worse is wrong with it. you will put all that work in it then just have to fix it again.

'Start' doesn't work on my Pokemon Platinum Rom?

Go to Options and fix it and if it on Normal then something is wrong with our game. :l

How do you fix your video camera?

It depends on what is wrong with it. You can't be advised to fix something that isn't broken.

How do you fix the starter on a 1999 Toyota RAV4 when it continues to run after the car starts?

Its not the starter, its either the iginition switch (where your key goes into) or something wrong with the computer. JohnnyB

What are disadvantages data capture?

EXPENSIVE.. why.. -COST of buying it -ACCESSORISES (you know like memory card) -when something goes wrong COSTS to fix OR if not expensive -Bad quality

When a guy did wrong to you say they are going to fix it what does it mean?

If he did something to alter your friendship/relationship and says he wants to fix it - it sounds as though he regrets what he did and wants to try and make it up to you, get along and work things out.

Advantages of a manual sysytem?

Manual systems tend to be more reliable because you can easily see when something goes wrong. With a manual system, you can fix the problem and continue working.

Should you buy a new refrigerator or replace parts?

You should buy another one, because what if you're trying to fix it but something goes wrong, so.....BUY ONE!

What is a strategy session?

a strategy session is when you did something wrong and someone tells you what you have to do to fix it.

What does it mean to dream of tools?

that you should try to fix something that you know is wrong

What is wrong with my blinkers?

They dont work. The bulbs are the most problems. Fix it!

How do you fix the body work of a truck?

It depends what is wrong. Panel beating and metal work is a very large subject and requires many years of study and experience. It is not something that can quickly be described here.

What if updation of android goes wrong?

If by chance Android updation goes wrong then your device gets bricked and in order to fix it require re flashing of the stock ROM over the device.

Is it possible to start bed wetting?

of course it is possible. but there might be a something inside that is wrong emotionally figure out what that is if possible fix it and if that dose not work it may be a blatter problem

What are the benefits of HP computers compared to other companies?

One of the main benefits of HP computers is that they are a well known and established brand. This means that if something goes wrong they can easily be contacted to fix it.

Is it better to build your own bicycle or buy a new one?

Probably to buy a new one. They would have been made in a factory and you'd be able to have a warranty on the bike. If something goes wrong, they can fix it.

What is wrong when your speedometer doesn't work in a 1996 Chevy tracker How do you fix it?

Why doesnt your speedometer work on a 02 Mits Galant

What happens when your ipod touch goes into water?

well if your ipod goes in the water then you should go to a electronic store and tell them what is wrong with your ipod and they will help you fix it