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Change f(x) to y and solve the problem.

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Q: How do you answer function notation equations?
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What does function notation means?

Function notation means the function whose input is x. The mathematical way to write a function notation is f(x).

Which of the following equations have the correct notation?


Which notation shows that P is a function of x?

Answer t Which notation shows that P is a function of x?his question…

What is an algebraic expression that defines a function?

It is a function notation

What is function notation in math terms?

An equation where the left is the function of the right. f(x)=x+3 is function notation. The answer is a function of what x is. f(g(x))= the answer the inside function substituted in the outside function.

How are linear equations and functions alike?

They are not. A vertical line is not a function so all linear equations are not functions. And all functions are not linear equations.

Are all linear equations functions Is there an instance when a linear equation is not a function?

Linear equations are always functions.

What is the definition of multi-step equations?

They are equations in which you have to use more than more function to solve the problem.

What is function as equations in two variables?

Straight line equations have two variables in the form of x and y

Equations that contain rational expressions?

a rational function.

What similarities and differences do you see between the function and linear equations?

Linear equations are a tiny subset of functions. Linear equations are simple, continuous functions.

What is the meaning of the function notation R w?

. R is a function of w