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CH4+O2 --- CO2+H2O... All that's missing - is the number 2 before the water molecule...

CH4+O2 --- CO2+2H2O

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Q: How do you balance the following equation ch4 plus o2 ------- co2 plus h20?
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Balance this equation CH4 plus O2 equals CO2 plus H2O?

The combustion of methane can be balanced in the following manner. One molecule of CH4 plus two molecules of O2 produces one molecule of CO2 plus one molecule of H2O.

How do you balance the equation al4c3 plus h2o equals aloh3 plus ch4?

Al4C3 +12H2O = 4Al(OH)3 + 3CH4

What is the balanced equation of CH4 plus O2 arrow CO2H2O?

The balanced equation is: CH4 + 2 O2 → CO2 + 2 H2O

What is the balance chemical equation of acetic anhydride?

CH3COOH = CH4 + CO2 or CH3COO + H

How do you balance the equation for CH4 O2 yield CO2 H2O?

Assuming complete combustion: CH4 + 2O2 --> 2H2O + CO2.

What is the balance chemical equation for production of carbon tetrachloride?

The reaction is: CH4 + 4Cl2---------------------CCl4 + 4HCl

What type of equation is this Ch4 plus O2?

It is a combusion.It generates water and CO2

What is the balanced reaction for C plus H2CH4?

C+ 2H2--> CH4 is the balanced equation.

What is the balanced chemical equation for the reaction ch4 plus 02 arrow CO2 H2O?

Make sure atoms on both sides are equal.Balanced equation as follows. CH4+2O2---->CO2+2H2O

Which is a product in the following chemical reaction ch4 plus 202 CO2 plus 2h2O?

CH4 + 2O2 --> CO2 + 2(H2O), the products are CO2 and H2O

Balance CH4 plus O2 yield CO2 plus H2O?

Ch4 + 2o2 -> co2 + 2h2o This site is " making capitalization corrections " again. Those letters are all capitals.

What does the equation CH4 plus Br2 equals CH3Br plus HBr represent?

Methane + Bromine --> Bromomethane + Hydrogen bromide