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Two hundred eighty-one and one thousand, twenty-five ten-thousandths.

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Q: How do you break down in word form 281.1025 by hundredths thousandths tens ones and ten thousandths?
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How do you make a thousandths decimal into a tenth decimal?

Round it up or down. Examples: 0.014 (thousandths ) is 0.01 (Hundredths) and 0.0 (Tenths) 0.567 (Thousandths) is 0.57 (Hundredths) and 0.6 (Tenths) 27.499 (Thousandths) is 27.50 (Hundredths) and 27.5 (Tenths)

1.543 rounded to the nearest hundredths is?

the value 4 represents the hundredths, therefore check how many thousandths, (there are 3), and round DOWN. A: 1.54

Is 49.33L more precise than 18mL?

No. 49.33L describes measurements down to hundredths of a liter. 18ml describes measurements down to thousandths.

25.954 rounded to the nearest hundredths?

25.95 because we look in the thousandths place and there is a four so we round down

Round 3.1415 to the nearest thousandths-place?

1st let's see where each place after the decimal means: .1 = tenth .01 = hundredths .001 = thousandths .001 = ten thousandths Answer: 3.1415 (Lets break it down) 3 = Whole Number ~ .1 = tenth ~ .14 = hundredth ~ .141 = thousandth ~ .1415 = ten thousandth When rounding up, 5-9 will make the number in front of it go up +1. 3.1415 = 3.142 (The 5 rounded the 1 in front of it up to 2 which is in the thousandths position.)

Why is 2.934 rounded to 2.93?

When rounding to the hundredths place, look at the thousandths. If that number is 4 or less, zero it and anything to the right of it out. 2.934 rounds down to 2.93

How do you round 2.8333 to the nearest thousandth?

The thousandths are the third number after the decimal point (first is tenths, second hundredths). Look at the fourth number to see whether you round up or down - as it's 3 you round down to 2.833.

What is 47.825 rounding the hundredths?

47.825 rounded to the nearest hundredth is 47.83. The digit to the right of the hundredths is the thousands. When rounding anything less than five you round down. When rounding anything five or more you round up. The thousandths digit is 5, which means you round up, making the answer 47.830 or 47.83.

What is 0.018 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

The hundredths place is the second number to the right of the decimal point. In this case, the hundredths place has a 1. To solve this, look to the number to the right to see if you should round the 1 up or down. In this case, the number in the thousandths place is an 8, so the 1 will round up. Thus, the final answer is 0.02.

What is 0.794 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

To round to the nearest hundredth look at the digit in the thousandths column (the next column to the right); if it is 5 or more round up otherwise round down. The hundredths column is the second column after the decimal point. Thus the thousandths column contains a 4 which is less than 5 so round down. 0.794 → 0.79 to the nearest hundredth.

What is 0.84 into thousandths?

840 thousandths because if you break its down into groups (e.g T . T H Th 0 . 8 4 0) as you can see its 840

What is 1500 rounded to the nearest thousand?

When rounding to the thousandths place, the most important place number is the hundredths place. If the number in the hundredths place (right next to the thousandths) is less than five (so, if it's 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4), then we round down. If it is five or more (so, if it's 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9), then we round up.Since in the number 1500 the hundredths place holds the number 5, we round up to 2000.

How do you round 2.199 to the nearest hundredths?

The hundredths place is two decimals to the right of the decimal point, so to determine the nearest hundredth you have to look at the number that is 3 places to the right of the decimal point. If this number is 0-4, round the number in the hundredths place down, or if it is 5-9, round it up. Since in this case the thousandths place (which is 3 digits to the right of the decimal) is 9, we would round the hundredths digit up to 10. Since we can only have one number per digit, we change the first 9 to a 0 and change the 1 to a 2.

How do you round 369.2284 to nearest thousandth?

one thousandth is equal to 0.001 in decimal form.369.2284 has 8 in the thousandths place and 4 in the ten-thousandths place. So, rounding to the nearest thousandth means rounding the number in the ten-thousandths place up or down (down if less than 5, up if five or greater).The 4 rounds down, so the answer is 369.228

What is eight hundredths down from 5.71?

It is 5.63

What is 8.652 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

8.652 rounded to the nearest hundredth is 8.65. The digit to the right of the hundredths is the thousandths. When rounding anything less than five you round down. When rounding anything five or more you round up. In this case 2 is less than 5 so you round down to 0, making the answer 8.650 or 8.65.

What is 7.394 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

7.3947 is in the ones place..3 is in the tenths place.9 is in the hundredths place.4 is in the thousandths place.To end with a decimal to the nearest hundredth, we need to round the digit after the one in the hundredths place either up or down.4 rounds down, so we have 7.39

What is 6.551 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

6.55Hundredths are the second digit after the decimal point, so first look at all digits greater than this: 6.55The next step is to look at the thousandths to see if we need to round up or down. The thousandths value is 1, so we do not need to round up.Thus 6.551 rounded to the nearest hundredth is 6.55

Does an esophagus have a physical and or a chemical break down?

The esophagus has a physical break down. The esophagus squeezes the food down into the stomach, making this a physical break down.

What organs detoxities break down drugs?

What organs detoxities break down drug What organs detoxities break down drug

Does a mustang car break down easily?

no they do not break down

What enzymes are required for digestion?

Many sorts of enzymes at different parts of the system. In the mouth enzymes to break down sugars, in the stomach enzymes to break down proteins and in the small intestine enzymes to break down fats and sugars.

Heat has an effect on drug medication break down rates it increases the break down rate but does that mean that cold slows down the break down rate?


Is a molecule a substance that a chemical reaction can't break down?

A chemical reaction can't break down an element, but it can break down a molecule.

How do you add decimals to thousandths?

You line up the decimals with the thousandths and put the decimal straight down from where it is and just add with the decimal in the same spot.