How do you cal 15 percent?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Calculating percentages is easy enough when you get the hang of it but here's a simple method that requires little to no thinking; I'll divide the process in easy steps:

1. Round up your bill to the nearest even dollar amount. An example of this would be to round a 27.59$ check total to 28$.

2. Take the 28$ (the amount of the rounded number) and divide that number by two. In our case, 28$/2 is 14$.

3. Add the two numbers together (in our case, 28+14 --> 42) and add a zero to it. 42 becomes 420.

4. Convert the result from Step 3 (the 420) to dollars/cents by placing a decimal in front of the last two numbers. In our case, 4.20$.

This is roughly 15% of the original 27.59$. And that's all there is. Of course, there are multiple methods to attaining the 15%, some that are less lengthy, but this one is most likely the easier one out of them all.

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Q: How do you cal 15 percent?
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