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Divide it by three.

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Q: How do you calculate 1 3 of a number?
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How do you calculate the oxidation number of I in HIO2?

+1 for H, -2 for each O, +3 for I

How do you calculate one third of 8.31?

how do you calculate 1/3 of £8.31

What number when divided by 2 3 4 5 or 6 has a remainder of 1?

Calculate the LCM of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and add 1 to get the answer: 61

How do you calculate a third of a number?

divide it by 3

How do you calculate 1 and 3 quarters plus 1 and 3 quarters?

3 and a half

How do you calculate one thirds of a number?

divide it by the denominator. which would be three.

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How do you calculate wavelength from wavenumber?

Wave number=1/Wavelength=> Wavelength= 1/wave number

Is the remainder of a negative number divided by a positive number negative?

A subtle point is that the remainder is always a positive number. So -7 divided by 3 is -3, remainder 2 (rather than -2, remainder -1). This is important for the date of Easter because we must often calculate the remainder when dividing into a negative number. Since in that case we are not interested in the quotient it is sufficient to calculate the negative remainder and then simply add to it the number we were dividing by. So -11 mod 3 may be calculated as: -11 divided by 3 is -3, remainder -2, so the number required is -2 + 3 = 1.

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calculate EAN OF[CO (NH3)]+3

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