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You cannot:)

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Q: How do you calculate bedload size?
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Why does the Bedload size become smaller and more rounded as you go downstream?


Does the rivers velocity affect the rivers bed load shape and size?

Faster river velocities are capable of carrying greater amounts of bedload and transporting them farther and faster. The shape of the sediments of the bedload would therefore be exposed to more physical weathering which would progressively round the sediments and also decrease their size.

What is a bedload?

waste transported from the river!

What is the fine sediment transported within the body of flowing water?

a bedload

The amount of sediment that a river carries is its?


What is river efficiency?

River efficiency is how easily a river can move water, sediment and bedload.

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What has the author M A Carson written?

M. A. Carson has written: 'Bedload transport in gravel channels'

Why why does bed load change as it goes downstream?

The size of the pebble will decrease down stream because the further downstream you go the quicker the river velocity. This means there will be more abrasion against the sides and bed of the river and the friction will be greater, this wears away the river load making it decrease in size. Increase velocity means that bigger material will be picked up by the river and carried as river load. More load in the river and increased size of load will mean more attrition and the river load will keep colliding into each other smoothening and rounding their shape. Brap brap !!

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What is bedload in a river channel?

It is sediment transported by a river that becomes too heavy to be in suspension and thus sinks

Why does bed load decrease in size?

The bedload becomes smaller when the river is flowing downstream, and the rocks also become smaller, smoother and rounder due to attrition and abrasion. (The reason the flow slows down is because the energy of the flow decreases.)