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Q: Why does the Bedload size become smaller and more rounded as you go downstream?
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Why does bed load decrease in size?

The bedload becomes smaller when the river is flowing downstream, and the rocks also become smaller, smoother and rounder due to attrition and abrasion. (The reason the flow slows down is because the energy of the flow decreases.)

Why does load particle size decrease downstream?

Because attrition has occured which makes rocks and pebbles more rounded. Whilst this happens the rocks will also become slightly smaller

Is 0.8889 bigger equals to or smaller than 0.9?

It is smaller than but if it was rounded to 1 decimal point then it would become 0.9

Why do many rocks become rounded?

Erosion and weathering will cause rocks to become rounded.

Why does a river become wider as it goes downstream?

Rivers become wider as they go downstream because more and more water is collected from runoff, and storm drainage. Even the Mississippi starts out as a tiny stream.

When rocks are compressed do they fragment and become jagged or rounded?

They fragment and become jagged, they become rounded by means of water erosion, which is why rounded rocks are found by rivers, creeks, etc.

How do sedimentary grains become rounded?

Broken pieces travel down the stream. Due to constant friction they become rounded.

What become of 5501 when rounded to the nearest hundred?


When going into shock pulples are larger or smaller?

They become non reactive. that is they do not become smaller when you shine a light into them

Is 620 rounded by 600 yes or no?

620 would become 600 if rounded to the nearest 100.

What is 1.049 rounded to hundredths?

1.049 rounded to the nearest hundredth would become 1.05

What is the percent change from 95 to 2.39?

2.39 is 2.52% of 95 . (rounded) 95 is 3,974.9% of 2.39 . (rounded) 95 must be decreased by 97.48% in order to become 2.39 . (rounded) 2.39 must be increased by 3,874.9% in order to become 95 . (rounded)

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