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Since the circumference of a circle is equal to its diameter times pi, the o.d. of a pipe is equal to its exterior circumference divided by pi.

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Q: How do you calculate for outside diameter for welding math?
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What is the circumference of a 24 inch diameter?

To calculate circumference you need to multiply the diameter by pi C= d x pi (3.14) Do the math

What does pricipal mean in math?

calculate the volume of a cylindrical drum 18 cm in diameter 56 in deep

How can a compass help in math?

A compass can be used to calculate distance by angle and to help draw circles as well as finding the radius, diameter, and circumference of the circle.

What subjects you need to become an Underwater Welder?

You have to have Math and Science for any kind of welding job includeing underwater welding

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for math

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What does diameter mean in math terms?

A line that bisects a circle and goes through the center of it is the diameter.

What is the circumference of the circle with a 12inch diameter?

The circumference is equal to pi ( 3.14167... ) times the diameter. You do the math.

Math The Diameter is equal to what?

Twice the radius.

What are 5 ways a math teacher use math?

To calculate money spent, to make percentages on a pie chart, solve math problems, add fractions, and calculate trajectories.

How do you calculate wire sizes required for making a Wire Rope?

It is easy for wire rope with construction of 6x19,6x37 and 6x61 because all wires in a strand have the same diameter but for other construction needs math knowledge.

A convex mirror has a focal length of -11 cm a light bulb with a diameter of 5.5 cm is placed 60.0 cm from the mirror what is its Diameter?

You have to use your math is this question. First you have to put in all your number in the math equation once you get your value divide that by the diameter of the light bulb to the diameter of the actual object.

Why did they invent math?

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What is a diameter in 4th grade math?

the width of a circle

Can you explain how you calculate it?


What does diameter mean in relation to math?

It is in a diameter of a circle, which is bassicly means the length of a circle, right through the middle.

If the diameter of the circle needs to be 8 centimeter about what will the circumference of the corcle be?

If the diameter of a circle is 8 the circumference would be 2.54. This is taught in math.

What is the ratio of diameter to radius?

This is very, very basic math. The radius is half of the diameter. My 9 year old daughter knows this.

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