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If it were possible to convert units of time into units of length, then you'd

be able to figure out how many minutes tall you are, and how many inches

of sleep you got last night.

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Q: How do you calculate hours into feet?
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How do you calculate gallons per feet to gallons per HOURS?

You cannot do that. Do you mean gallons per second to hours?

How calculate feet into sq feet?

to calculate square feet you need a 2d shape

How do you calculate how many feet is in 100meters?

328.084 feet. How do you calculate it? Just type "feet in 100 meters" in the Google search field....

How do you calculate feet to sq feet?

You can't actually go from feet to square feet because feet is distance but square feet is area. but to calculate for example the square feet in a rectangle you would do base times height.

How do you calculate how many hours in a month?

There are 30 days in a month and each day has 24 hours. This is how we calculate.

How many feet are in 18 liters?

You can not calculate feet and liters.

Calculate feet to meter?

Multiply feet by 0.3048 to get meters.

How do you calculate feet convert to meter?

You multiply the feet by 0.3048.

How do you calculate from feet to meters?

Feet divided by 39.3701 = meters

How do you calculate feet into yards?

Feet divided by 3= yards

How do you calculate labor hours?

i can not calculate please help us

How do you change feet into square feet?

Square feet is how you calculate area. Feet is how you measure a line. To calculate area go: lenth(ft) x width(ft)=area(sq. ft)