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Q: How do you calculate stirrups length?
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How do you find length of helical stirrups for piling?

Length of helical stirrups = 3.14*d*n + p*n d= diameter n= no. Of turne ( = height/ pithh) p = pitch of helical stirrups

What is the cutting length formula for a stirrups for a building?


How do you keep the stirrup irons on the ball of your feet AND heels down without your feet coming out of the stirrups?

First of all it is important to have the stirrups at the correct length, this is done by the rider sitting in the saddle, feet out of the stirrups with their legs hanging down relaxed and loose. The stirrups should touch just below the riders ankle bone. Once the correct length is established the legs are in the correct position and keeping heels down and stirrups on balls of feet should come naturally. This does take practice, riding bareback (without a saddle) to establish a good seat is a great way to achieve this.

What are hooded stirrups?

hooded stirrups are stirrups with extra leather over the front of the stirrup where your toe is to protect your boot.

How do we calculate length of helical spring?

How do calculate spiral length of Spiral rings

How to calculate Length of long-radius elbow?

how to calculate the elbow radius or elbow length

How to calculate length of a cycle?

To calculate the length of a cycle, you have to calculate the last day you see your periods and the first day that you see them.

How do you adjust a western style saddle?

Adjust it for what? Where it sits on the back of the horse? The length of the stirrups? The cinch straps. All these things and more are important.

How do you calculate the stirrups cutting length?

Firstly, u need 2 know ur diameter of the stirrup used. Then get the perimeter of ur concrete work. After which you will less your cover, but remmeber that your diameter stirrup will be minus from your cover in meter, then u can now less cover round the perimeter of your concrete and lastly you will add your bending length(i.e the length it use to over_laps each other. Which is mostly 75mm.

How do you calculate the perimeter of a triangle?

-- Measure or calculate the length of one side. -- Measure or calculate the length of another side. -- Measure or calculate the length of the only remaining side. -- Add the three numbers. The sum is the perimeter of the triangle.

Formula to calculate length of spiral reinforcement in columns?

Formula to calculate length of spiral reinforcement in columns

What is the formula to calculate length of the wire?

There is no formula to calculate the length of a wire. The length of a wire is determined by the distance from the power source to where the load is situated.