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for circumference you multiply diameter by pi (22 over 7 or 3.14) and for area you do radius (half of diameter) multiplied by itself then multiplied by pi. if you want volume you can multiply the height of the cylinder by the area of it's circle.

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Q: How do you calculate the circumference and area?
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IF the circumference of a circle is 6.28 what is the area?

The circumference and area of a circle, with radius r is: circumference = 2*pi*r and area = pi*r2 Use the first to calculate r and then the second to calculate the area.

How do you calculate circumference and area of pi?

Pi is the number of times the diameter of a circle will fit into the circumference. Pi is not a circle, and does not have a circumference or area. To calculate a circumference USING pi, the circumference is diameter * pi. To find the area using pi, area = pi * radius * radius

If the circumference of a circle is increased by 50 then the area will be increased by?

there is no constant that will calculate this, since circumference is calculated with only radius and area with radius squared. you will have to calculate the radius using the initial circumference and then the radius again for the new circumference (with the 50 added). then calculate an area for each radius..then you can see the increase.

How do you you do circumference 6''?

The answer will depend on what is meant by "how do you you do" or even "how do you do". I do not do circumference. A can draw it, I can calculate it, I can calculate other measures (area, radius, diameter) from it but I do not DO it!

What is the diameter of 27cm for area of circumference?

There is no such thing as an "area of circumference".If 27 cm is the diameter, you can calculate the circumference by multiplying this by pi, which is approximately 3.1416.

How do you calculate the circumference of a circle when you have the area?

pi*radius2 = area radius = square root of (area/pi) circumference = 2*pi*radius

How do you calculate the area of a circle if you know the circumference?

By dividing its circumference by 2*pi will give the radius of the circle and its area = pi*radius2

How do you covert area into circumference?

Well, you can't really "convert" it, but I assumeyou want to calculate the circumference from the area. First, you need to know what figure you are talking about. For the specific case of a circle, I suggest you use the formula for the area of a circle, replace the known area, and solve for the radius. Once you have that, it is easy to calculate the circumference.

What do pi have to do with math?

you use pi to calculate the area or circumference of a circle

How do you calculate the diameter or radius of each circle?

Using the Circumference And Area.

What is a flow chart to find the area and circumference of rectangle?

start real length L and width w calculate the area A= Lw calculate the circumference C=2(L+w) Display A and C End

Pi can be used to calculate the blank of a circle?

Pi can be used to calculate the area of a circle Pi can be used to calculate the circumference of a circle