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The answer depends on what information is provided.If you have initial value (Y0), final value (Yn) and number of years (n) then the annual percentage rate is

100*[(yn/y0)^(1/n) - 1] where raising to the power 1/n is finding the nth root.

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Q: How do you calculate the compounded annual growth rate?
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How do you calculate monthly interest rate on an annual interest rate?

If not compounded monthly, a monthly interest rate is simply 1/12 of the annual rate. Things do get complicated, though if the interest is compounded monthly. An annual interest rate of R% is equivalent to a monthly rate of 100*[(1 + R/100)^(1/12) - 1] %

How do you calculate CAGR Compounded annual growth rate?

=((End Value/Beginning Value) ^ (1/# of intervening years)) - 1 what is mean by this sign ^ otherwise let clarify particular formula

What is the effective annual rate for a credit card with a 9.9 percent annual percentage rate that is compounded daily?

The effective annual rate for a credit card that carries a 9.9% annual percentage rate (compounded daily) is 10.4%.

What is the annual interest rate on 5000 compounded continuously at 6.3 annual interest rate?

I suspect that it will be 6.3!

How do you determine the rate for one month for compounded interest?

On monthly compounding, the monthly rate is one twelfth of the annual rate. Example if it is 6% annual, compounded monthly, that is 0.5% per month.

What is the effective annual rate of 12 percent compounded monthly?


What is the monthly interest rate of and annual 10 percent rate?

It is 0.833... recurring % if the interest is simple, or compounded annually. If compounded monthly, it is approx 0.797 %

What is the true annual rate of interest charged?

The true annual rate of charged interest is called the annual percentage yield. It is the interest charged and compounded against.

What is the effective annual rate of 6.3 percent compounded monthly?

6.485% (rounded)

What is the effective annual rate of 14.9 percent compounded continuously?

It is 14.9 percent.

On a 5000 annuity compounded daily what would be the annual percentage rate?

Depends on the daily percentage rate.

What does annual growth rate mean?

annual growth rate is the average of how much a country grows per year