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The effective annual rate for a credit card that carries a 9.9% annual percentage rate (compounded daily) is 10.4%.

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Q: What is the effective annual rate for a credit card with a 9.9 percent annual percentage rate that is compounded daily?
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What is the effective annual rate of 14.9 percent compounded continuously?

It is 14.9 percent.

What is the effective annual rate of 8 percent interest that is compounded monthly?

0.67 percent

What is the effective annual rate of 12 percent compounded monthly?


What is the effective annual rate of 6.3 percent compounded monthly?

6.485% (rounded)

What is the effective annual return for an investment that pays 10 percent compounded annually?

It might just be 10%.

Which yields more 8 percent apr compounded monthly or 8.5 percent compounded semi-annual?

8% compounded monthly is equivalent to an annual rate of approx 152% . 8.5% compounded six monthly is equivalent to "only" 17.72% so the first is clearly larger.

On a 5000 annuity compounded daily what would be the annual percentage rate?

Depends on the daily percentage rate.

What is 2000.00 for 4 years compounded daily at 2.25 percent apr?

APR stands for annual percentage rate. That being the case, it does not matter whether the interest is compounded every day or every millisecond. The effect, at the end of a year is interest equal to 2.25 percent. So, 2000 at 2.25 percent compounded, for 4 years = 2000*(1.0225)4 = 2000*1.093083 = 2186.17

What is the monthly interest rate of and annual 10 percent rate?

It is 0.833... recurring % if the interest is simple, or compounded annually. If compounded monthly, it is approx 0.797 %

What is the effective rate of 18600 invested for one year at 7 and one half percent compounded semiannually?

The annual equivalent rate is 15.5625%. The amount invested is irrelevant to calculation of the equivalent rate.

What is the true annual rate of interest charged?

The true annual rate of charged interest is called the annual percentage yield. It is the interest charged and compounded against.

How much will 25000 be worth in 18 years if it is invested at 6 percent compounded monthly?

$73053.88 when compounded month your yearly rate would be 0.061678% * * * * * True, but in real life the quoted interest rate, "6 percent compounded monthly", should read "an interest rate, such that, if it were compounded monthly, would give an annual equivalent rate of 6 percent". The equivalent of 6% annual is 0.487% monthly since 1.0048712 = 1.06