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There is a factor of 10,000 between ppm and percentage: ppm stands for parts per million, whereas percent means per hundred, and there is a factor of 10,000 between one hundred and one million. To go from ppm to percentage, divide my 10,000 and from percentage to ppm multiply by 10,000. Hope this helps.

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Q: How do you calculate the fertilizer requirement from percentage to ppm and ppm to percentage?
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How do you convert to ppm to percentage?

Multiply ppm by 10000.

What is the relation between ppm and percentage?

ppm=% X 10000 -DPS NOIDA

How do you calculate ppm from molecular weight?

ppm is parts per million and thus a concentration. It can not be calculated from molecular weight.

What is 10 ppm express in percentage?

10 ppm = 10/1,000,000 =0.001/100 = 0.001%

How much percentage is equal to 1ppm?

1 ppm is one part per million, or one millionth - percentage (which is latin for per hundred) wise, 1 ppm is .0001%

What is the percentage of 10 ppm?

10 ppm as a fraction is 10 / 1 000 000 = 0.00001, as a percentage = (10 / 1 000 000) * 100 = 0.001 %

How convert percentage to ppm?

A percentage is 'parts per hundred' and there are possibly 100 of them. ppm is parts per million. There are 10 000 hundreds in a million. So multiply your percentage by 10 000. i.e. 3% x 10 000 = 30 000 ppm. but check my math.

How do you converd milligram per liter to percentage?

to convert milligram per liter to percentage, multiply by 10000 Explanation one milligram per liter is 1 ppm 10000 ppm is 1 percentage

How do you calculate parts per million?

In chemistry, parts per million or ppm is defined as the number of part of a solute that is in one million parts of a solution. The formula to calculate ppm is to divide the mass of the solute in grams by the combined mass of the solvent and solute also in grams. This value is multiplied by 1,000,000 ppm.

What is the definition of PPM as it relates to a chemical shift?

The term PPM stands for "parts per million." Chemists use this notation to describe the concentrations of things that are diluted. To make it a percentage, 1 PPM is equal to 0.0001%.

How do you calculate the width of pulse in pulse position modulation?

The width of the pulse in PPM is not important, but is usually very narrow and constant in any given PPM system.

What percentage of the air was carbon-dioxide in 1965?

Roughly 318 ppm (parts per million), or 0.0318% compared to 392 ppm currently (March 2011).

What is 70 ppm in percentage form?

70/1000000 or 7E-7% or 0.0000007%.

What is the American standard for Dissolved Oxygen percentage in drinking water?

5 ppm

How does a person know what ppm of carbon dioxide exists if the hand pump detector tubes are scaled by volume percentage?

0.1 percent = 1,000 ppm 1 percent is 10,000 ppm. 2 percent is 20,000 ppm 3 percent is 30,000 ppm 10 percent is 100,000 ppm etc. Take the percent, move the decimal point 4 places to the right, and you have the ppm. You take it from here.

The concentration of carbon dioxide CO2 in air is 380 ppm What is this in a percentage using significant figures?

.000380 is 380 millionths, ppm is to millionths what % is to hundredths. If you now move the decimal two places to the right to conver to a percentage, then 380 ppm is approximately .04%, and thus, CO2 makes up .04% of the air (which is what I assume this question is refering to)

How do you convert PPM into percentage?

Divide by 10000. For example - something with a concentration of 120ppm is 0.0012%

What is the percentage of Thorium on earth?

The abundance of thorium in the Earth crust is approx. 12 ppm.

What has been the historical carbon dioxide percentage of air over the past 10 000 years?

From 10 000 BC till 1860, the pre-Industrial Age, the carbon dioxide in air was approximately 278 ppm (0.0278%). In 1900 it was 295 ppm. In 1960 it was 315 ppm. In 1980 it was 335 ppm. In 1990 it was 350 ppm. In 2000 it was 369 ppm. In 2010 it was 388 ppm. In 2011 it was 392 ppm. (March 2011)

What is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the year 2000?

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in 2000 were around 370 ppm (parts per million). They are now (2013) approaching 400 ppm.

How do you covert 20000 ppm into percentage?

20000 {parts}/1000000 {million} times 100% is 2%.

How to calculate 5 ppm for any solution?

5 mg of an element or compound in 1 L of solution

How do you calculate molarity for milli molar and nano molar solution?

How do you make and calculate solution khp 2000 ppm.

Convert 370 ppm carbon dioxide to a percentage?

That should be 0.037%. the easy way to calculate ppm to % is take the ppm (370) divided by 10,000. 370/10,000=0.037% That's because you're starting with 370 per million & you want to convert to 370 per 100 (per 100 = %) So: 370/1,000,000 = 370/(10,000 x 100) = 0.037/100 = 0.037%

What is the percentage of carbon dioxide in environment in year 1960?

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in 1960 were around 315 ppm (parts per million). Levels now (2013) are approaching 400 ppm.