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Fill the fuel tank to the top and record the mileage. The next time you fill up record the mileage and number of gallons. Now divide the number of gallons into the number of miles driven since last fill up and you will have the mpg.

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Q: How do you calculate the mpg of your car?
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How do you calculate the efficiency of the car?

check here

How many gallons of gas from timmins to Toronto?

Calculate the distance. Calculate your mpg. Divide mpg into distance

Gas Calculator?

form_title= Gas Calculator form_header= Calculate your gas milage and save! What is your average MPG? *= _ [50] What is the most MPG your car can get?*= _ [50] How often do you drive your car?*= _ [50] Do you drive on the city our country roads?*= () Country () City

What is the most mpg a car has?

Usually highway driving is where a car gets the most mpg.

What is the mpg for an f1 car?

About 3-4 mpg.

Now calculate how much gasoline you will need If your car gets 25 miles per gallon mpg divide the mileage 642 by the mpg to get the number of gallons needed to make the trip?


What is the average mpg on a midsize car?


Where to get mpg calculator for my car?

You can get an mpg calculator for your car at the local custom car shops. They will install it for you if you buy it from them. They make them very fast for any car.

How much gas would it take to drive 1005 miles?

That depends heavily on the fuel efficiency of the car you are using and the type of driving.If you know how many Miles per Gallon (MPG) your vehicle gets, you can calculate the fuel like this:Miles / MPG = GallonsThat depends heavily on the fuel efficiency of the car you are using and the type of driving.If you know how many Miles per Gallon (MPG) your vehicle gets, you can calculate the fuel like this:Miles / MPG = Gallons

What is a race car's mpg?

This varies by race car by race car. The mpg spends on the kind of track, weather conditions, tyres, and how long the race is. Some race cars are designed for high mpg. Example is that a F1 car would do around 3-4 mpg whereas some can do as much as 60 but for oblivious reasons. The average mpg usually around 3-6 MPG.

I am getting only 20mpg for 08 Hyundai Elantra. I just got it a week ago. what do I do?

Is the mpg based on your calculations or based on the trip computer? If the mpg that you cited is off the trip computer it is most likely that you have not driven for a sufficient amount of time/distance for the car to calculate your true avg mpg.

What is the best mpg figure you have got from a car used on UK roads?

85.6 mpg

What is the MPG on Chevy Cobalt?

The mpg for the cheby cobalt ranges from 24-26 mpg city and 34-37 mpg highway driving, depending on the transmission. Keep in mind that this is based on ideal car conditions and will be lower it the car is not maintained properly.

What is a BMW 330 mpg?

a car

How many gallons of petrol will you use if you travel 82 miles?

This depends entirely on how many miles per gallon (MPG) your car gets. A car that does 82 MPG, will use only 1 gallon. A car that does 41 MPG, will use 2 a gallons. A car that does 20 MPG will use 4 gallons. Divide the number of miles, by the known MPG of the vehicle.

Discovering A Dependable MPG Calculator ?

Discovering a dependable MPG calculator can help you out tremendously on your next trip. Just make sure that you are able to secure this device as inexpensively as possible before you make the purchase. Some GPS systems actually have this feature built into the device. You can click in on and it will calculate your MPG. Newer models of cars also have this feature as a stock amenity. Make sure that you ask your car dealer about this feature before buying a new vehicle. Lastly, there are apps for your phone that can calculate your MPG without hassle.

Why does the smart car get 80 mpg in Europe and 40 mpg in the US?

The smart car gets 80 mpg in Europe because it uses a deisel engine. The US is only getting/selling the gasoline version, which accounts for the different/lower (40 mpg) efficiency.

Would you save more money by increasing the fuel efficiency of your car from 15 mpg to 25 mpg or increasing the fuel efficiency from 25 mpg to 40 mpg?

25 to 40mpg

Cost of a gallon of gas 3.25 x 2400 miles?

if your car is around 20 MPG then; Calculate the gallos u are going to use 2400 miles / 20 MPG= 120 Gallons x $3.25 = $390

How much mpg did a car in 1965 get?


What car has the best mpg?

Currently, the 2010 Toyota Prius - 50 city / 49 hwy mpg

Why does your car say 9 mpg when it should be 15 mpg?

it could be a stopped up air filter

How many mpg does a 1997 Toyota Tercel CE get?

How many MPG any car gets depends solely on how the car is driven. If one does constant jack rabbit starts the MPG will drop to about 15 ... if one drives very conservatively, the MPG could rise to over 30.

How many mpg does a stock race car get?

There is no such thing as a Stock race car. The fact that it is a race car means it is not stock. MPG depends on exactly what type of race car you are asking about. Suffice to say, none get good mileage.

What is the mileage of hybrid electric car?

It varies from car to car. My Honda Insight gets about 37 MPG city and 54 MPG highway. Toyotas tend to get better city mileage than highway.