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For a regular object you measure the three dimensions of an object - length, width and height. After measuring each of these you then multiply them all together which leaves you with the volume of your object.

Alternately, you could use a different way of calculating volume: displacement. Put x amount of water in a container with measurement markers on the sides. Then add the object. Subtract the final measurement from the original measurement and you will have the volume of the object.

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Q: How do you calculate the volume of a regular?
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How do you calculate the volume of a regular shaped object?


How do you calculate volume for an irregular object?

Partition (or divide) the irregular object into summation of regular objects and then calculate the volume.

How do you calculate the density of regular shapes?

density = mass/volume

How do you calculate the volume of a regular solid?

Multiply the length by the width by the height.

How do the calculate the volume of a regular shaped box?

height x length x width

Steps how to determined the volume of regular solid?

1. Measure the dimensions of the solid. 2. Calculate the volume on this geometric base.

Formula to calculate the volume of a regular cylinder?

Volume = {pi}r2h where r = radius of base, h = height of cylinder.

How can use calculate the volume of a regular shaped object?

Usually you can use one of the well-known formulae, for example the volume of a sphere, of a pyramid, etc.

How do you calculate the volume of an i regular object?

To calculate the volume of an irregular object you will need a container with meaurements and water. Place the irregular object in your container and fill with water until the entire object is covered. Record volume A. Then remove the irregular object and record volume B. The volume of your irregulare object is equal to volume A minus volume B.

How do you calculate the volume of a ten sided dice?

That depends on what the shape of the faces of each side of the polyhedron is - since a ten-sided figure does not create a regular polyhedron, it is impossible to calculate its volume based simply on this information.

Calculate the surface area and the volume of the sphere of the stratosphere?

Unanswerable - the stratosphere is a region, not a set distance from earth and is not regular.

How do you determine the density of a regular body?

Calculate its volumemeasure its mass through a suitable balancedivide the mass by the volume to get its density

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