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You have to ask the seller what trade discount they will give you. Its usually a sliding scale based on volume or established rating of the buyer with that seller.

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Q: How do you calculate trade discounts?
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Why can't you calculate the series of trade discounts?

Because I'm a bit tired at the moment.

What are the different kinds of discount?

trade discounts, cash discounts, discount series and seasonal discounts

Purchase discounts is the same as trade discounts true or false?


Trade discounts also called functional discounts are?

yes, trade discounts is also called functional discounts I wish I could improve this answer since it does not address the actual question of what these discounts are, but I am also looking for that answer, so hopefully someone will actually take the time to read the question before answering it.

Why are taxes and discounts are based on percents?

Because it's easier for the person doing the shopping to calculate their taxes or discounts.

How cash discount differ from trade discount?

Trade discounts are guranteed discounts a business is getting by purchasing from a seller. Cash discounts are OPTIONAL discounts that a buyer gets if they opt to pay their bill (invoice) earlier then the due date. The seller specifies in the invoice how many days earlier a buyer has to pay their bill to get the cash discount. If a cash discount is taken, it is applied after the trade discounts, but before shipping and handling charges.

How do calculate net sales?

Net sales = Total sales - sales returns and discounts

How do you record trade discounts in the General Journal?

shyama/c........dr to purchases a/c

Can you Give some examples of cash discount and trade discount?

can you give some example if cash discounts?

How do you calculate percentage discounts?

Discount = Original Price - Discounted Price.Percentage Discount = 100*Discount/(Original Price)

How are percents used in daily math?

Percents are used to calculate tax on EVERY store purchase,and to calculate discounts on every "special" or "bargain".If you can't calculate percents, you can't catch mistakes or avoid being cheated.

What is a trade discount?

Trade discount is the discount that is deducted from the source and then the actual amount is shown. The trade discounts are not shown in the books of accounts. Only the cash discount is shown in the books of accounts but the trade discount will be deducted from the actual and the net amount will be considered.