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Minuend and subtrahend

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2011-06-14 17:51:13
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Q: How do you call numbers in subtraction?
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What do you call the numbers to a subtraction problem?

In subtraction, the minuend minus the subtrahend equals the difference.

What do you call 2 numbers subtracted?

In subtraction, the minuend minus the subtrahend equals the difference.

What is the other name subtraction?

well at my primary school we used to call subtraction take away because you 'took away' some of the numbers. at my high school though we call it minus hope I've helped :)

What do you call the answer to subtraction problem?

The answer in a subtraction problem is difference.

Why is it subtraction and division are not included in the properties of each numbers?

Subtraction and addition are not properties of numbers themselves: they are operators that can be defined on sets of numbers.

What do you call the numbers in an subtraction problem?

In 5-4=1 "5" is the minuend, "4" is the subtrahend, and "1" is the difference.

What are the factors of subtraction?

Finding the difference of two numbers is known as subtraction.

Algorithm for subtraction of two numbers?

read the value A,b store the result of subtraction of a,b in continer subtraction display subtraction

Is closure exist for whole numbers under subtraction and division for integers?

Whole numbers subtraction: YesDivision integers: No.

A subtraction problem with mixed numbers where you need to rename?

It is still a subtraction problem.

How is subtraction rational numbers different from adding?

Subtraction is not commutative nor associative.

What do you call the numbers in a subtraction problem?

the number that is being subracted (4-5) the 5 is called a subtrahend and the other is a minuend.

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