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Multiply the fraction by the same number.

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Q: How do you cancel out a fraction?
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What is 2.373737 as a fraction?

235/99, which you can try and cancel down

What fraction is equivalent to 0.95?

o.95 = 0.95/1.00 Cancel down the decimal point. 95/100 Cancel down by '5' 19/20 This is an equivalent fraction in its lowest terms.

When are you able to cross cancel a fraction?

When the numerator and denominator are not co-prime.

How can you put .13986 in a fraction?

13986/100000 Which can cancel down to 6993/50000

How do you convert this into a fraction 3.08?

308/100 Cancel down to 77/25

How do you cross cancel when the numerator in one fraction can not go in to the denominator in the other fraction equally?

You cannot.You cannot.You cannot.You cannot.

What is 10 percent in a fraction?

10% = 10/100 Cancel down by '10' 1/10 is the fraction.

How do you change 9.36 into a fraction?

For an improper fraction change to 936/100Then cancel this fraction down as far as possible (i.e. by dividing the top and bottom by the same number). In this case you must divide by 4. Then you get: 234/25For a mixed fraction change to 9 36/100Then cancel down as far as possible: 99/25

What do you do to a fraction to get it in lowest form?

You cancel every factor in common to the numerator and denominator. If you cancel the highest common factor, this takes only one step. otherwise you have to keep canceling until there is nothing to cancel.

How do you cancel down a fraction to its lowest terms?

Find the GCF of the numerator and the denominator and divide them both by it. If the GCF is 1, the fraction is in its simplest form.

What fraction of 10 is 1.25?


How can you write 0.40 in simplest form as a fraction?

0.40 = 0.40/ 1.00 Cancel down by '10' 0.4/1.0 Cancel down the decimal point 04/10 The 'zero' to the left of '4' is trivial, 'drop it'. Hence 4/10 Cancel down by '2' 2/5 The fraction in its simplest form .