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Cardinal numbers ending in one form their ordinals by adding "st" for "first.

Examples :

21 becomes 21st ("twenty-first")

101 becomes 101st ("one hundred first" or "one hundred and first")

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Q: How do you change 101 to an ordinal number?
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Ordinal number for sixteenth?

"sixteenth" is an ordinal number. There is no ordinal number for an ordinal number!

Change 43 to a ordinal number?


Change 21 to an ordinal number?

twenty one

How do you find ordinal number and ordinal word of the number 60?

The ordinal word is sixtieth. There is no ordinal number.

What ordinal number is the fourth after the 16th?

Ordinal numbers are adjectives that tell the order of nouns in a series. The ordinal number for 4th is call cuarto and the ordinal number for 16th is decimosexto.

What is Jupiters ordinal number?

Jupiter does not have an ordinal number

What is the ordinal number for 26?

What is the ordinal number for 26

What is the ordinal number of thirty eight?

38 is an ordinal number

What is the ordinal number for 100?

The ordinal number for 100 is hundredth.

What is the ordinal number before 13?

13 is a cardinal number, not an ordinal number.

What is 49th even number of ordinal number?

'49th' is the ordinal number for 49.

Is fifth an ordinal number?


Write the ordinal number of 43 and the ordinal word?

The ordinal number of 43 is 43rd and the ordinal word is forty-third.

Need ordinal number and ordinal word for 22?

The ordinal number of 22 is 22nd and the ordinal word is twenty-second.

Write 16 as an ordinal number?

The ordinal number of 16 is 16th

What is the ordinal number for 30?

The ordinal number corresponding to the cardinal number thirty is thirtieth.

Write the Ordinal number of 15?

The ordinal number representing the number fifteen is "fifteenth".

Is number of years nominal or ordinal?


Is ID number nominal or ordinal?

It is ordinal.

How do you write 1700 in ordinal number?

1700th - Ordinal Number One thousand seven hundredth - Ordinal Word

What is the ordinal number for 47?

The ordinal number for the cardinal number 47 is written forty-seventh.

What is the ordinal number of 9?

The ordinal number of 9 is 9th

What ordinal number is 2nd to 15th?

14th is the ordinal number that is 2nd to 15th.

What is the ordinal number for 7?

The ordinal number for 7 is 7th

Is fifth a ordinal number or a cardinal?

'Fifth' is the ordinal number of the cardinal number 5.