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6.049 as a mixed number is 6 and 49/1000

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Q: How do you change 6.049 into a mix number?
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What is the nearest whole number of 6049?

It is already rounded to the nearest whole number.

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How do you change a mix number into a percent?

first turn the mixednumber into a decimal

How you can change improper fraction to a mix fraction?

you have to multiply the top and bottom number by the same number

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How can you change a mix number to a fraction?

by multiplying the denominator with the whole number and adding the numerator. the denominator will remain the same.

Change the decimal 1.2 to a mix number?

1.2 = 12/10 = 11/5

How do you change a mix fraction to a proper fraction?

Multiply the bottom by the whole number...and then add THAT number by the top number,hope this is what you're looking for!

1.21 as a mix number?

1.21 as a mix number

Is mixing drink mix a physical change or a chemical change?

Mixing a drink mix is a physical change.

How do we change the mix number into an improper fractions?

Multiply the whole number part by the denominator of the fractional part and add the result to the numerator of the fractional part.

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What number rounded to the nearest thousand and hundred will have the same result?

Any number in the range A950 to B049 where B = A+1, that is, 950 to 1049 (rounded to 1000) 1950 to 1149 (rounded to 2000) ... 5950 to 6049 (rounded to 6000) etc.

How do you change the mix number 1 7 8's into in improper fraction?

17/8 = 15/8

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they had to change their name because a charity was called rythmix and they complained so they had to change their name to little mix

How do you change 15 percent to a mix number?

A mixed number is a whole number plus a fraction, so it must be more than '1'. 15% is less than '1', so there's no way it can be a mixed number.

How do you change a mix number imto a fraction?

To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction, multiply the denominator by the whole number, add that total to the numerator and put the whole thing over the original denominator.