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Q: How do you change a number to a engineering notation?
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What is the number 3300 expressed as in scientific notation and engineering notation?

Scientific notation: 3.3*103 And I'm not certain, but I think it is also 3.3*103 in engineering notation

Is 35.9x10x23 a valid example for scientific notation?

No, that is engineering notation. 3.59 X 10^24 is the same number in scientific notation.

What is the difference between scientific notation and engineering notation for writing numbers?

In both notations a number is represented in the form a*10^b where a is a real number and bis an integer.In scientific notation, 1

How can the number 3300000 be expressed in engineering notation?

3.3 x 10^6

How do you write the number 88000?

Eighty eight thousand. or 8.8E4 (engineering notation)

What is 89000 in engineering notation?

89,000 in engineering notation is 89 x 10^3

How do you change a number in decimal notation to scientific notation?

times by the little number like .420 is 80

How you convert 55 to engineering notation?

how Yu express 0.55 in engineering notation

What is 0.00001 in engineering notation?

In engineering notation, 0.00001 is written as 10^-5.

How do you change each unit to engineering notation using metric prefixes 119 000?

To convert 119 000 to engineering notation with metric prefixes, we would express it as 119 x 10^3 since 1 kilo (k) is equivalent to 10^3. Thus, in engineering notation, 119 000 would be written as 119 k.

What is 293000 in scientific notation?

2.93E5, or 2.95 times 10 to the 5th power. The difference between "scientific notation" and "engineering notation" is that scientific notation generally has one digit before the decimal point and can have any exponent, while engineering notation uses exponents divisible by 3; so, 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on. So in "engineering notation", this number would be 293 times 10 to the 3rd power, or 0.293 times ten to the sixth power.

Does the value of a number change when it is written in scientific notation?