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By multiplying it by a given 3rd dimension

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Q: How do you change area to volume?
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Related questions

How does a cell's ratio of surface area to volume change as the cell grows larger?

because it has the surface area of volume

How does the surface area to volume ratio change as the cell size increases?

The larger the cell the lower the surface area to volume.

How does a cells ratio of surface area to volume change as the cell grows larger?

As the cell grows larger the ratio of surface area to volume increases. Larger cell = more volume for the amount surface area.

How does a cell ratio of surface area to volume change as the cell grows larger?

the volume gets larger but the surface area gets smaller

How to show that the rate of change of the volume of a cube with respect to the length of its edges is equal to have the surface area of the cube?

If the length of an edge is x, the volume is x3 To find the rate of change of the volume with respect to x, differentiate: d(x3)/dx = 3x2 The area of one face is x2 There are six faces so the total surface area is 6x2 Therefore the rate of change of volume, 3x2 , is half of 6x2 , the surface area.

How does a cell's ratio of surface area to volume change as the cell grews large?

It will decrease. In a larger cell, you have less surface area per volume.

What is define coefficient of area expansion?

the fractional change in length,area and volume per unit change in temp. of matters at a given pressure

What happens to the surface area and volume when the height of a three-dimensional solid is doubled?

The change in the surface area depends on the shape. The volume will double.

How does the surface area change compared to the volume as a cell gets larger?

Surface area increases as the square of the diameter, whereas the volume increases by the cube.

How do you convert Square centimeter to Cubic centimeter?

Square Cm is a unit of Area. Cubic Cm is a unit of volume. You can't change areas into volumes, just as you can't change weight into length. They are different types of measurement. . If you know the size of an area, and if, and only if, that area has a thickness that you can measure, then you can calculate the volume. But, you do not 'convert' it to a volume, you calculate it's volume . To calculate volume you need 3 measurements, length, width, height. To calculate area you need only 2 measurements , length ,and width.

What is fixed volume mean?

In terms of gases, a fixed volume would mean that the pressure, temperature and the number of molecules can change but the volume, or area in which the molecules lie, must remain constant

How will pressure of an object will change if its area is doubled?

It won't. The pressure within a hollow object may change if the surface area changes, hence the volume. The total pressure acting on the exterior of a solid object may change if the total surface area changes.

How can two cylinders have the same surface area but different volume?

Change in height and circumference

What happens to the surface to volume ratio the amount of surface area exposed per unit volume as cells get smaller?

When cells get smaller, the volume (as well as mass) decreases faster than the surface area so the surface:volume increases. Cells with a high surface:volume are more effective in receiving nutrients through diffusion. A cell (assume perfect sphere) with radius 2 has a surface area of 16pi and volume of 32pi/3. A cell with radius 3 has a surface area of 36pi and volume of 108pi/3. Also relatively speaking, volume can be thought of as y=x3 and surface area as y=x2. When there is a change in x, the change is more dramatic in the volume, so small cells have high ratios and large cells have low ratios.

What is the percentage formula for change in volume?

Percentage change in volume= Change in volume/intial volume X 100

How does the surface area change when a large cell gets smaller but has the same total volume?

The surface must get more spherical. When it reaches a perfect sphere the surface area cannot be reduced without also reducing the volume.

Is volume a physical or a chemical change?

Volume is a physical quantity not a change. However CHANGE in volume is a physical change.

What is the volume of air in the tank of capacity 1500cc if you pump only 500cc?

Assuming the tank was not in a vacuum, the VOLUME stays constant. The volume is the total area inside the tank. The pressure would change when 'pumped up'. The volume would not. The pressure inside would also change based on the temperature, relative to the outside pressure.

What is ratio of surface area to volume?

surface area/ volume. wider range of surface area to volume is better for cells.

What is the surface area to volume ratio?

surface area/ volume. wider range of surface area to volume is better for cells.

How do you calculate surface area to volume ratio-?

Surface area to volume ratio can be calculated by taking area and dividing by volume.

How does change in volume affect pressure at constant volume?

Change in volume is impossible at constant volume.

What is constant volume process?

The constant Volume process, also known as Isovolumetric, is where the volume is constant and does not change. In a P, V, Diagram this should be where volume is constant where Pressure is increased. The work done (area under the curve) would be = to 0 in this case.

What is The amount of space inside a three dimensional figure?


What is the ratio of surface area to volume for a sphere with the following measurements surface area 300m2 volume 500m3?

0.6 is the surface area to volume ratio.