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Impossible to change a volume measure to a length measure

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Q: How do you change centimeters to cubic centimeters?
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Related questions

How you can change cubic centimeters into liters?

Divide cubic centimeters (cc) by 1,000

What does 1000ml change to?

1000 cubic centimeters

What is 36 centimeters changed into cubic feet?

You can't "change" or convert a linear measurement into a cubic measurement. Perhaps your question should have read 36 cubic centimeters into cubic feet?

How do you change milileters to cubic centimeters?

A millilitre (check your spelling) is the same as a cubic centimetre.

Find the volume a shoe box and a pad of paper in cubic centimeters then convert the units to mL?

Well, find the volume of it in cubic centimeters. Since cubic centimeters are the same as mL, you just need to change cm3 to mL. But you need to measure.

How do you change cubic centimeters to ounces?

Divide cc by 28.34 .

How many cubic centimeters to a cubic inch?

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters 1 cubic inch = (2.54)3 cubic centimeters = 16.387064 cubic centimeters

How many cubic centimeters are in .00317 cubic meters?

0.00317 cubic meters = 1000000 x 0.00317 cubic centimeters = 3170 cubic centimeters

What feature of a cylinder uses the given units Centimeters or square centimeters or cubic centimeters?

Cubic Centimeters

How do I convert cubic centimeters into cubic feet?

One cubic foot rounds to 28,317 cubic centimeters so divide cubic centimeters (cc) by 28,317 to get cubic feet.

Can you convert 325 cubic centimeters into cubic decimeters?

a decimeter is 10 centimeters a cubic decimeter is 1000 cubic centimeters 325 cubic centimeters = 325 /1000 cubic decimeters = 0.325 cubic decimeters

How do you find the answer from cubic meters to cubic centimeters?

There are one million cubic centimeters for each cubic meter. So, multiply cubic centimeters by one million.

What does cc stand for when you're talking about engines?

Example : 85cc stands for 85 cubic centimeters. So cc means cubic centimeters.

How many cubic centimeters are in a cubic foot?

1,000,000 cubic centimeters

How to Convert 4516 cubic inches to liters?

4516 cubic inches times 2.543 cubic centimeters per cubic inch = 74004 cubic centimeters 74004 cubic centimeters divided by 1000 cubic centimeters per litre = 74 litres

What is the volume of a chalkboard eraser in centimeters?

the average is 150 cubic centimeters

What is the unit conversion from 3 cubic meters to cubic centimeters?

27,000,000 centimeters are in 3 cubic meters. 3 cubic meters is equal to 300 cubic centimeters.

How many cubic centimeters are in a 0.354 Liter can of soda?

There are 1000 cubic centimeters in 1 Liter so... 354 cubic centimeters is the answer

What is 170000 cubic centimeters in cubic feet?

17,000 cubic centimeters = 0.6 cubic feet

Convert cubic inches into cubic centimeters?

Cubic inches x 16.387 = cubic centimeters

How do you calculate cubic centimeters to cubic inches?

cubic centimeters x 0.0610237441 = cubic inches.

How many cubic centimeters are there in a cubic inch?

1 cubic centimeters = 0.061024 cubic inch

How do you convert cubic yards into cubic centimeters?

Cubic yards x 764,600 = cubic centimeters

Cubic inch to cubic centimeters?

One cubic inch is equal to 16.38706 cubic centimeters.

Convert cubic centimeters to cubic millimeters?

Cubic centimeters x 1,000 = cubic millimeters