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You can't "change" or convert a linear measurement into a cubic measurement.

Perhaps your question should have read 36 cubic centimeters into cubic feet?

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Q: What is 36 centimeters changed into cubic feet?
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Related questions

How many cubic centimeters are in one cubic foot?


How many centimeters are there in 5.5 feet?

There are 36 centimeters in 5.5 feet

How many feet in 36 cubic meters?

The answer is 1271.33009379 cubic feet.

What is the volume of the smallest cube containing the sphere if the sphere has a volume of 36 pi cubic centimeters?

216 cubic centimeters

36inches is how many cubic feet?

The question is poorly worded. If you mean 36 cubicinches, then the answer is36 cubic inches = 0.0209 cubic feet(there are 1728 cu inches in 1 cubic foot) If you mean a cube 36" x 36" x 36", then the answer is1 cubic yard, which = 27 cubic feet

How many dry quarts equals 36 cubic feet?

36 cubic feet equals 925.7 dry quarts.

How many cubic feet are in four cubic yards?


What is the volume of 36cmx30cmx54cm?

The volume 36 centimeters times 30 centimeters times 54 centimeters = 58,320 cubic centimeters.

How many Cubic feet are in a cylinder with a 36 ft diameter and 21 feet tall?

6,084*pi cubic feet or about 21,364.56 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet in 36x33x70?

If the given dimensions are in feet then 36*33*70 = 83,160 cubic feet

If you used 36 cubic feet of water what is your water bill for three months?

108 cubic feet

How many cubic ft are in a cylinder 1ft in diameter by 36 feet?

There are: pi*0.52*36 = 56.549 cubic feet rounded to 3 decimal places

How many cubic feet are in 36 square feet?

They do not directly convert. Cubic feet is a measure of volume while square feet is a measure of area.

How many gallons of water fit in a 36 cubic feet pond?

36 cubic feet = 269.3 gallons (rounded) Regardless of what's in them. Even if they're empty.

What is the cubic feet for this measurement 36 x 46 x 15?

Assuming those dimensions are all in feet, the volume is 36 times 46 times 15 = 24840 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet are in a space 5 feet wide 28 inches high and 36 inches deep?

35 cubic feet

Does 3 ft equal 36 in?

3 feet equals 36 in. or 91.44 centimeters.

What is 6 feet tall 3 feet wide 2 feet deep what is it in cubic feet?


How many cubic feet are in cylinder 16 inches in 36 inches high?

4.2 cubic feet of volume.

How many cubic feet in a hole 18 inches by 18 inches by 36 inches deep?

6.75 cubic feet.

How many gallons are in 36 cubic feet?

269.3 (rounded)

How many cubic feet in a cylinder 18 inches X 36 inches?

A cylinder that has an 18-inch diameter and is 36 inches long has a volume of: 5.3 cubic feet.

Cubic meter equals what cubic footage?

1 Cubic Meter is 35.3147 Cubic Feet. Remember, a meter is about 36 inches.

36 inches is how many cubic feet?

36in is length and cubic feet is volume.. so you cannot convert it, but 36in is 3ft

What is the difference in a cord of wood and a cubic meter of wood?

A cord is 4x4x8 feet, or 128 cubic feet. A cubic meter is very close to 36 cubic feet. So a cord is a little more than 3.5 cubic meters.