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Divide 12 by 5 to change the fraction 12 over 5 to decimal form. 12/5 = 2.4.

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Q: How do you change the fraction 12 over 5 to decimal form?
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4.1 in fraction form?

4.1 in fraction form is 41/100. First, move the decimal spot one over to the right. Then, place the number over 100. You then have a fraction of the decimal.

How do you change a decimal in to a fraction?

put decimal over 100

What is 90 percent as a fraction in simplest form as a decimal?

0.9 as a decimal and 9 over 10 as a fraction.

How do you change the fraction 8 over 3 to decimal form?

Do the division. 8 divided by 3 = 2.6666 recurring.

How do you convert percentages to fractions in simplest form Eg... 7 over 8 percent equals?

change it to a decimal. then change it to a fraction. and then reduce it

What is the fraction 563 over 1000 in decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 563/1000 is equal to 0.563.

- 5 decimal as a fraction in simplest form?

-5 is not a decimal. You could change it to a decimal by putting it over 1 like this -5/1, but I think you made a mistake when posting this question.

How do you change 2.45 into a fraction or mixed number in the simplest form?

2.45 as a decimal is 2.45/100 or 2.45 over 100

Is 1 over 5 in decimal form?

1/5 is a fraction and in decimal form it is 0.2

What is the fraction 80 over 1000 in decimal form?


How do you change the fraction 9 over 10 into a decimal?


What is 0.79 in its simpilest fraction?

0.79 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. And, since it is a decimal fraction, there is not another simpler decimal form. Its equivalent, in rational form, is 79/100 which cannot be simplified.

What is 5 over 6 in a decimal?

It is better to leave this number in fraction form, but as a decimal it is about .83

What is 13 over 20 as a fraction?

13/20 is a fraction in its simplest form. It is 0.65 as a decimal.

Decimal as a fraction in simplest form 0.8?

4 over 5

Write this fraction in decimal form 1 over 20?


What is the fraction 3 over 3 in decimal form?

obviously 1

What is the fraction two and three over four in decimal form?


What does the fraction 6 over 100 equal in a decimal form?

It is 0.06

What is 5 over 32 in decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 5/32 is equal to 0.15625.

What is 5 over 7 as a decimal?

5/7 is in simplified form as a fraction, but as a decimal, it is approximately .7143.

How do you turn an inproper fraction into a decimal and a percent?

To change an inproper fraction to a decimal you divide the denominator by the numeratorand once you do that and you find your decimal you bring it over two times to the right.

What is 75 over 125 as a decimal?

3 over 5 in its simplest form * * * * * True, but that is not a decimal! As a decimal fraction, it is 0.6

Is 9 over 7 a decimal fraction?

No. (Though you could express it in decimal form, as 1.285714285714..., a repeating non-terminating decimal.)

What is three over ten in simplest form?

3/10 can be simplified but it would be in decimal form not fraction form.