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Divisions will not have a remainder if the divisor is a factor of the number. eg 6/2=3

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Q: How do you check the correctness of a division answer that has no reminder?
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How can you check the correctness of a divison answer that has no reimander?

The opposite of division is multiplication. Take a simple example: 6 ÷ 3 = 2 Multiply the answer (2) by the divisor (3) and you get 6, the number with which you started.

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How do you check the correctness of a division answer that has no remainder?

a/b=c, if and only if c*b=a. This means that if some number, which is represented here by a, is divided by some other number, which is represented here by b, to get a quotient, which is represented here by c, then c multiplied by b should equal a. Using the correct terms for a division, the quotient multiplied by the divisor should equal the dividend.

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