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Black wire to copper screw, white wire to silver screw, bare copper ground wire to green ground screw.

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Q: How do you connect a electrical outlet at home?
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Why is an electrical outlet electrical?

Because it has electricity flowing to the outlet.

To light up a light bulb we need to connect to a?

To light a light bulb you need to connect to a source of electricity like a battery or an electrical outlet.

What is a domestic electrical supply in which outlet sockets connect to the mains supply through a continuous circuit?

Ring main

When did john howard invent the outlet?

John Howard invented the electrical outlet in 1924. Prior to his invention lamp bulb plugs were used to connect various household appliances.

Which of these can be a hazard involving an electrical outlet?

to many electrical cords plugged into one outlet

How do you connect a 115VAC 60Hz 10W cooling fan to a normal home outlet?

you need a transformer

Is a computer have a generator?

A computer does not have a generator, it requires standard AC electrical current which is available in any electrical outlet throughout your home.

Who invented the electrical outlet?

When was the first outlet made

Can you convert an old 15 amp 125 volt electrical outlet to a household electrical outlet?

A 15 amp 125 volt outlet is a household outlet.

Does this just plug in an outlet?

You can plug the air conditioner into any outlet in your home, however you should get an outlet strip to protect against power surges. Yes, this HDTV plugs into a normal electrical outlet or power strip.

How do you turn off an electrical outlet?

Turn off the fuse in your fuse box which that electrical outlet is connected to.

Which of these can be a fire hazard involving an electrical outlet?

too many electrical cords plugged into one outlet

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