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First, you draw two horizontal elongated lines. Then, draw to vertical lines, half as big as the elongated lines. It should look something like this:


/this is a good rectangle.... /


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Q: How do you construct a rectangle?
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Was Euclid the one who constructed the golden rectangle?

Euclid was the one to construct the golden rectangle

What 2 dimensional shapes construct a cylinder?

2 circles and a rectangle

How to construct a parallelogram with 3 right angles?

Draw any square or rectangle, and you have it.

Can you construct a rectangle with all sides equal?

Sure. It's called a "square"; you can consider the square a special case of a rectangle.

How do you enlarge a rectangle by 2.5 with scale factor?

If you assume that 2.5 refers to the scale factor, you multiply each linear measurement by 2.5. This includes the width, the length, and - if you want to use it to construct your new rectangle - the diagonals. It also happens to include the perimeter, but you probably won't need that to construct the rectangle.

Simone has a regular 5- sided shape ans 5 congruent acute isosceles triangles what solid figure can she construct?


How can you use the pythagorean theorem to add two vectors that are perpindicular to each other?

Construct the rectangle that contains the right angle subtended by the vectors. Calculate or construct the diagonal of the rectangle. The diagonal is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with the two vectors as sides. The hypotenuse is also the vector that is the sum of the two original vectors. Calculate the magnitude of that vector by applying the theorem.

How can you divide a rectangle into five equal parts?

Divide one edge into five equal parts and construct lines perpendicular to that edge at those points.

How do you work out 90 degrees in the center of a rectangle?

Its beacause that's how all rectangles are if is not at or higher than 90 degress than its a rectangle To construct 90 degrees in the centre of a rectangle, connect the midpoints of each set of parallel lines. You will then have a cross in the centre that is perpendicular to each other (90 degrees).

Why most table are rectangle?

Most building and joinery materials are inherently rectagular as manufactured. Thus this shape is the simplest to construct. Tables that are circles or elipses result in material wasted.

What solid can be made using 2 circles and 1 large rectangle?

Circles and rectangles are plane (2-dimensional) figures, so it doesn't seem that they can be used to construct solids.

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