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0.465 = 465/1000 = 57/125 in its simplest form

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Q: How do you convert 0.465 into a frac tion?
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How do you convert 0.465 into a frac tion and percent?

It is: 0.465*100 = 46.5% and 57/125 as a fraction in its simplest form

What is frac tion of 48 is 8?

8 is one sixth of 48.

Is fraction a three syllable word?

No the word fraction has two syllables. Frac-tion.

How do you get a fraction on a ti 84 plus calculator?

Use >Frac to convert a number to a fraction. (Press MATH and >Frac will be the first option.) example: 5.5>Frac will result in 11/2 You can use Ans>Frac to convert you last calculation into a fraction.

What is the percentage of 17 out of 40 as a frac tion?

Multiply it by 100: 17/40 times 100 = 42.5%

What is 68 percent as a frac tion in lowest terms?

68 percent as a fraction in lowest terms is 17/25

What does 4 and 1 8th divided by 2 and 3 4ths equal?

<math>4\mbox{ } \frac{1}{8}\div 2 \mbox{ } \frac{3}{4}=\frac{33}{8}\div \frac{11}{4}=\frac{33}{8}\frac{4}{11}=\frac{3}{2}<\math>

What is 6 divided 9 as frac?

6 divided 9 as frac = 0.6666666666666666

How do you convert into noun form?

Many verbs are turned into nouns by adding the suffix -tion example: to create = creation

What is the prefix for tion?

tion- IS a prefix

What is frac spread?

Frac spread is the margin between natural gas liquids (NGL) and natural gas prices

What is the fraction sign on TI-84 calculator?

The easiest way to input a fraction while calculating is to simply divide the top of the fraction by the bottom. So four fifths would be (4/5). To convert an answer into a fraction, such as .125, press the math button and select >Frac. .125>frac = (1/8)

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