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Q: What fraction of pizza was uneaten Three workmen shared a pizza. Alan ate one-third Bill ate one-quarter and Ron ate one-sixth.?
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How do you use the word uneaten in a sentence?

When the alarm sounded, the firemen rushed to their vehicles, leaving their lunch uneaten.

What argumentative statement is a claim of value?

its is irresponsible to throw away uneaten food.-Apex

How many chickens live in the Netherlands?

bout like 1235 uneaten 5million fried

What is another word for not consumed?

Another word would be fill or save up

Do rabbits eat the whole body of the baby?

Not necessarily, they may leave some parts of the body uneaten

What are Synonym of remaining food in the plate after eating.?

Left-overs, scraps, extra, uneaten, remnants, excess, unwanted

What words with 7 letter start with an U?

Uniform Unicorn Unclasp Uneaten Usually Upstart Urethra Unaided Unbound

What is a bioload?

A bioload is the nitrogen-processing demand placed upon the filters of an aquarium by uneaten food, decomposing inhabitants, and other waste.

How much do crocodliles eat a day?

Thjey will eat till stomach is full then 'cache' the rest of uneaten prey under roots and so on.

Can dwarf hamsters eat carrot?

Yes, as long as you only give them a small amount and take out the uneaten carrot after a day then it is fine to feed it to them.

What rhymes with unbeaten?

Keen, between, and routine all rhyme with unbeaten.

Do crickets attack fat tailed geckos while they are asleep?

Yes, crickets will attack anything they can. It is always best to remove any uneaten food items.