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It is: 2/1000 = 0.002 as a decimal

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Q: How do you convert 2 thousandths as a decimal?
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Related questions

Convert 536 thousandths to a decimal?

536 thousandths to decimal = 0.536

Convert 9 thousandths 5 hundredths 8 ones 6ten-thousandths 4 tenths in decimal?

convert9 thousandths, 5 hundredths, 8 ones, 6ten-thousandths, 4 tenths in decimal

How do you write 2 thousandths as a decimal?

Two thousandths written as a decimal is 0.002

Convert the phrase two hundred and five thousandths into a decimal form such as 025?


How would you convert one hundred twenty four and five thousandths to a decimal?


How do you Convert 26.2 percent into a fraction?

You first have to convert it into a decimal, which you do by moving the decimal place 2 places to the left: 26.2% = .262 Then you have to see which place the decimal is in. (†he thousandths) Read the decimal out load: two hundred sixty-two thousandths. Sounds like a fraction, right? That's cause it is one! Then you make the fraction in simplest form, which is 131 over 500. That's your answer! By the way, shouldn't you have learned this in school? I am in only 5th grade and know this!!

What is 16 thousandths in decimal form?

16 thousandths = 0.016 in decimal

How do you convert 1.647 to thousandts?

Move the decimal point 3 places to the right: 1647 thousandths

What is 2 and 64 thousandths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 2 64/1000 is equal to 2.064.

How do you write 2 thousandths in a decimal?

It is 0.002

How do I write 2 thousandths a decimal?

It is 0.002

What is seven hundred five thousandths in decimal form?

Seven hundred five thousandths in decimal form is 0.705. First, because you know it's in thousandths you know there will be three decimal places (1 for tenths, 2 for hundredths, and 3 for thousandths). So then you simply write out seven hundred five as 705 and add the decimal point in front of it.

I am a decimal if you double me my double is is between 0.6 and 0.7 but closer to 0.6 my thousandths digit is not a 2 but the thousandths digit of my double is What decimal am i?


What is 6 thousandths as a decimal?

The decimal form of 6 thousandths is 0.006

What is forty-two thousandths as decimal?

Forty-two thousandths as decimal is 0.042.

What does is the two represent 0.102 hundredths thousandths or ones?

The place value columns after the decimal point, starting form the one immediately to the right of the decimal point and going right, are: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ... thus as the 2 is in the third place value column after the decimal point, it is in the thousandths column and represents two-thousandths (2/1000).

Which digit is in the thousandths place of the decimal number 3. A.1 B.2 or C.9?

The thousandths place is the third to the right of the decimal point.

How do you write seven thousandths as a decimal?

Seven thousandths = 0.007 in decimal form.

What is 603 thousandths as a decimal?

603 thousandths as a decimal is 0.603.

what is 2 hundredths and 2 thousanths?

0.02 is 2 hundredths 0.002 is 2 thousandths together they would be 0.022 :)

Two hundred five thousandths in decimals?

You cannot convert 205 into a decimal because it's a whole number.

How do you convert a decimal fraction to a decimal?


How do you write thirty-thousandths as a decimal?

thirty thousandths = 0.030 in decimal

How many decimal places are in the product of a number with decimal places to the thousandths multiplied by a number with decimal places to the hundredths?


How do you convert a demimal to a fraction?

first you need to remember your decimal placements. To the right of your decimal you have Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Ten Thousandths... and so on.. If you have .065 the 5 being in the third placement it would put it thousandths... so your fraction would read 65/1000. ~ .678276 would be 678276/ 1000000