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convert9 thousandths, 5 hundredths, 8 ones, 6ten-thousandths, 4 tenths in decimal

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2014-12-17 18:57:50
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Q: Convert 9 thousandths 5 hundredths 8 ones 6ten-thousandths 4 tenths in decimal?
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Sixty-six hundredths as a decimal?

.66, the first number after the decimal is in the tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, etc.0.66

What are decimals to the hundredths?

A decimal "to the hundredths" stops two value places after the decimal point.Here are some examples:Decimal to the hundredths: 1.09Decimal to the thousandths: 1.009Decimal to the ten thousandths: 1.0009

How do you make a thousandths decimal into a tenth decimal?

Round it up or down. Examples: 0.014 (thousandths ) is 0.01 (Hundredths) and 0.0 (Tenths) 0.567 (Thousandths) is 0.57 (Hundredths) and 0.6 (Tenths) 27.499 (Thousandths) is 27.50 (Hundredths) and 27.5 (Tenths)

How do you write 36 hundredths as a decimal?

36 hundredths written as a decimal is: 0.36. Remember it's tenths, hundredths, thousandths.

Convert Three Hundredths in decimal notation?

three hundredths in decimal = 0.03

How do you convert 58 hundredths into decimal form?

58 hundredths into decimal = 0.58

How do you write seven thousandths as a decimal?

Seven thousandths = 0.007 in decimal form.

Is there a ones place in a decimal?

No there is not a ones place in a decimal. It's tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, etc.

What are the coloums called after the decimal?

Tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, hundred thousandths, millionths and so on.

How do you write sixteen thousandths in a decimal?

0.16 = 16 hundredths 0.016 = 16 thousandths

How do you write 7 and three hundredths as a decimal?

Seven and three hundredths is expressed as 7.03 in decimal form. Remember, the fist unit to the right of the decimal place is tenths, the second is hundredths, the third is thousandths, the fourth is ten-thousandths, etc.

what is 2 hundredths and 2 thousanths?

0.02 is 2 hundredths 0.002 is 2 thousandths together they would be 0.022 :)

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