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Formula: kg/cm2 x 9.807 = newtons/cm2

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Q: How do you convert Kg per cm2 to Newton per cm2?
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How do you convert pascals into kg per centimeter square?

1 kg per square centimeter is 98066.5 Pascals.1 pascal pressure is 1 newton / m2 (force / area) 1 kg/cm2 = 10000 kgforce/m21 kgforce = 1 kg * 9.80665 m/s2 = 9.80665 NewtonsSo 1 kg/cm2 = 98066.5 N/m21 Pascal is defined as 1 N/m2So 1 kg per cm2 = 98066.5Pa

How do you convert kilogram cm2 to pa?

Kg/cm2 to pa

How do you convert kg Cm2 to Mpa?

0,7MPa into kg/mm2

How do you convert kg to newton's?

1 Newton is equal to 1 kilogram per second squared.

How do you convert psi to kilogram cm2?

how do you convert 1.20 kg (12.27) kg/cm into psi

How to convert kg cm2 to n mm2?

You cannot.A kg is a measure of mass, a Newton is a measure of force. The two measure different things and any attempt to convert from one to the other if flawed. Measuring them per unit area (cm^2 or mm^2) does not change that.

How do you convert the kg cm2 to kilo pounds?

it is just as simple as the conversion of kilos into ponds the 1 kg/cm2 is = 2.204622 kp/cm2 these are the traditional units of pressure

How to convert 70 psi to kg cm2?

Use this formula: psi x 0.07031 = kg/cm270 psi x 0.07031 = about 4.921 kg/cm2

Is kg per cm2 same as bars in gas pressure?

No, it is not equal. Conversion factors 1.000 kg/cm2 = 0.9807 bar = 0.9678 atm.

How do you convert psi to kg cmยฒ?

Use this formula: psi x 0.07031 = kg/cm2

What is the density of glass wool?

Density 10 kg/cm2, 16 kg/cm2, 24 kg/cm2, 48 kg/cm2 etc Uday Shah

1 Mpa equals to how many Kg per square cm?

1 MPa = 10 kg/cm2 (MPa is pressure, kg/cm2 is mass/area not actual pressure)

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