How to convert kg cm2 to n mm2?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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You cannot.A kg is a measure of mass, a Newton is a measure of force. The two measure different things and any attempt to convert from one to the other if flawed. Measuring them per unit area (cm^2 or mm^2) does not change that.

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Q: How to convert kg cm2 to n mm2?
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How much force to apply to a piston with an area of 10 cm2 to lift an object weighing 200n on a piston with an area of 50 cm2?

400 N 400 N / 10cm2 = 2000 N / 50cm2

Cube M has a side length of 10 mm If Cube Ns side length is double that of Cube M then what is the surface area of Cube N?

The surface area of cube M is 6(10 mm)2 = 6(100 mm2) = 600 mm2 The surface area of cube N would be 6(20 mm)2 = 6(400 mm2) = 2,400 mm2

How many mg are equals to 5 kg?

Kgs are thousands of a gram. mGs are thousandths of a gram. this means that the conversion between mG and Kg is: ((n/1000)/1000), or n/10⁶, where n is the number which you want to convert. So, 5/10⁶ = 0.000005.

What is the momentum of a car weighing 15680 N travelling with a velocity of 86 kmh?

momentum = mass × velocity The SI units require: mass in kg velocity in m/s giving momentum in kg m/s To convert N to kg, divide by acceleration due to gravity which on earth is approx 9.8 m/s² To convert km/h to m/s, multipy by m/km (1000 m/km) and divide by s/h (3600 s/h) → momentum = 15680 N ÷ 9.8 N/kg × (86 km/h × 1000 m/km ÷ 3600 s/h) ≈ 444 kg m/s

What is the weight of a ball with a mass of 77 kilogram?

Short answer 1.3 x 102 N (on moon) 7.5 x 102 N (on Earth if g = 9.80 N/kg Long Answer Since the category is "The Moon" gravity will be assumed to be 1.63 m/s2 (N/kg = m/s2) W = mg W = (77 kg)(1.63 N/kg) = 125.51 -> 1.3 x 102 N (significant figures) for earth, just substitute in 9.80 N/kg for 1.63 N/kg W = (77 kg)(9.80 N/kg) = 7.5 x 102 N

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What is the strength of concrete after 28 days?

The compressive strength of M25 concrete at 7 days will be between 6-7.5 N/mm2 .

What is the tensile strength of glass fiber?

The compressive strength of bricks varies depending on the type of bricks and what they are used for. The compressive strength of conventional red bricks is 40 to 65 Kg/cm2. In comparison, flyash bricks have a compressive strength of 70 to 120 Kg/cm2.

Pascals to Press conversion to Kgcm2?

1 kg per square centimeter is 98066.5 Pascals.1 pascal pressure is 1 newton / m2 (force / area) 1 kg/cm2 = 10000 kgforce/m21 kgforce = 1 kg * 9.80665 m/s2 = 9.80665 NewtonsSo 1 kg/cm2 = 98066.5 N/m21 Pascal is defined as 1 N/m2So 1 kg per cm2 = 98066.5Pa

What is hardness of en8?

The hardness of EN8 is usually between 500 N/mm2 and 800 N/mm2.

How to convert kg-cm to foot lbs?

To convert kg-cm to foot lbs: Divide the value in kg-cm by 9.81 to convert it to N-m (Newton-meters). Divide the result in N-m by 0.73756 to convert it to foot lbs (foot-pounds).

27.4 kg how many newtons?

To convert kilograms to newtons, you can use the conversion factor of 9.81 N/kg (the acceleration due to gravity). In this case, 27.4 kg is equal to 268.494 N when multiplied by 9.81 N/kg.

What is the tensile strength of p20?

approx 1,000 n/mm2

What is the minimum and maximum compressive strength of solid block?

40cm (length) X 20 cm (width) X 4 in (thickness)

Compressive strength of bricks in India?

3.5-30 n/mm2

How m20 concrete differs from m200?

M20 Mrefers to mix and 20 refers to 20 n/mm2 strengh and M200 mix 200n/mm2

What is can pressure be measured in units of?

It can be measured in N/cm2

What is 7 days strength for M 7.5 mix?

It is about 13.5 N/mm2